Great Sydney Eating Trip Part 1

Sinful. Quite possibly the most spoken word between myself and the very special friend who flew down under from Malaysia. It aptly describes almost every meal, every bite, every taste and every whiff of an aroma strong enough to stir desire within the depths of our bellies. Where we’re both from our country is practically saturated in fat food of all cuisines of deliciousness. You really wouldn’t be hard pressed to meet a Malaysian abroad who doesn’t succumb to wet dreams of food from the wok. A little tmi flag seems to be waving so I’ll leave it at that. While I might have left that week feeling as if I’ll never eat again, it definitely reignited my own tender feelings for Sydney, the city that I chose years ago to have and to hold till my student visa ends do us part.

Well Connected Cafe

No excuses for this one, said friend hadn’t even arrived yet but here I am the night before, ready for a good meal. Glebe is a treasure trove of cafes, cafes and more cafes, each kind of similar in it’s own paradoxical ‘I’m hipster-ville’ way but that isn’t to say they aren’t worth giving it a taste. I’d previously ventured to Well Co. Cafe with some mateys but I don’t quite remember our dinners except that the desserts were mighty fine.

I’m here on a Monday night to give my memory a bit of a refresh and we start off with some mushrooms with garlic chips and rocket. I’m not a rocket kind of girl but hey wrap it up in something delicious and the taste is no longer discernable right? You’d be an odd one if unable to admit to using that tactic as a child to get off the dinner table without finishing the veggies.

It would be a sin to deprive ourselves of such deliciousness I argue with myself in my head while at the same very moment the words to order the nacho chips have already left my mouth. And any further sounds of protests were abruptly silenced by the speedy arrival of the former while my tongue slips and suckles golden pieces of deliciousness topped with sour cream, melty cheese and minced beef salsa.

The main to be shared that night was a triple whammy of my favourite things, salmon and more mushrooms that were mixed in with a rich, creamy risotto. I always fight for more fish, more meat and more veggies but this time I found myself defending the risotto from invading forks and spoons as to be spoils for myself.

The battle we thought would have ended already needed one final course, no guesses to which one. Presenting to you the highly unphotogenic chocolate lasagna, but who cares anyway chocolate on chocolate on chocolate is all you need to see to be sold. This sugar rush finally sent all participants into a food coma while we relax, dazed in our seats.

Well Co. on Urbanspoon

Crust pizza

After having dragged special friend through Sydney straight off a morning flight she got zero hours of sleep on, I had to let her tap out on her first night. We dined classily in my humble abode that night with a half and half serving of Upper Crust pizza from Crust. The $2 delivery was a very nice surprise coupled with the ability to mix the two pizza toppings, Wagyu Prawn and Peking Duck. My distaste for bokchoy led to us swapping for some avocado was there a richness overload or what? No that is not your browser acting up, the photo I took of the pizza is even worse than my usual iPhonography quality but you have my scouts honour defending the two toppings suggested above.

Pancakes at the Rocks

The next day after a hard earning day at uni, I join the friends at the end of some touristy ventures where we wind down at Pancakes at the Rocks, at The Rocks (Sydneysiders would know the name to not be self explanatory).

Said friend’s indulgent and mouth-watering Devil’s Delight featuring chocolate pancakes, strawberries with cream, chocolate ice cream and generous drizzle of chocolate.

My ‘try to be healthy’ option of the Greek Crepes consisting of a spinach and feta filling topping with guac because I can has guac and not sour cream.

Pancakes on the Rocks on Urbanspoon

Pie Tin

In a slightly feverish stupor I drag us both to meet Lola, (who is incidentally also sick) for some pies so we eat and be sick together.

If my memory does not fail me, Lola got the chicken, leek and white sauce pie with sides of homestyle potato mash and some kind of rocket leaf medley. I don’t remember too much about it, having only snuck tiny bites because I was too preoccupied with my own pie which you’ll see below.

Malaysian friend opted for the slow roasted beef brisket, hickory smoke and mushrooms. Her sides are the coleslaw and kumera mash. Again I’m crossing my fingers that I remember the pie correctly but in any case I didn’t take an innards shot so you wouldn’t know if I was wrong anyway. It was definitely tasty but I know the winner on this tin plate was the kumera because I strongly remember helping myself to forkfuls of the stuff.

Oh hi there good looking. Yes, it’s finally out now. I had a dessert pie for lunch. But with a meringue piled in triple the height of the lemon tart how could I possibly say no? Words from Lola could not be truer though, the meringue made it intensely sweet. Almost overpowering even though the tartness of the er, tart was meant to have balanced it all out.

I stared at this photo earlier for a good five seconds before I registered what this sloppy thing was. The famous ‘the pie that ate Newtown’ – XL Apple was a whopping kilogram of sugar I swear. It only looks like this because I cradled it in my arms like a baby for a good twenty minutes before it finally reached the mouth of my deliveree. The sugar crust was another crazy sugar hit but more aptly balanced out with the layers and layers and layers of apples underneath.

The Pie Tin on Urbanspoon


Just some samples from the night because I can’t remember why I didn’t take shots of all of them. Makoto is hands down one of the best (and probably most expensive) sushi train in the CBD. I don’t mess around with my sushi though, of all cuisines I would definitely rather pay more for quality sushi than for quantity crap.

Makoto on Urbanspoon


Because everyone loves a good bowl of ramen and Menya does it like no other.

Stil drugged up on my medication I decided to get something light. Joyous of joys is discovering my favourite summer special zaru soba is still available even though the season is sadly long gone. If you don’t eat pork like I do, just tell the counter and they sub you for two halves of their creamy eggs.

Against my awesome recommendation, here is the miso based ramen with tonkotsu stock. I don’t know alright I’ve never had this! Go away. How yummy it looks distresses me.

Menya Noodle Bar on Urbanspoon

And with that sulky abrupt end, stay tuned for Part 2 of the Great Sydney Eating Trip!

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