Everyone’s a green light

Today is the first day of 2014. I spent it with family and close friends overlooking the harbour and skyline of Hong Kong. At 12 am, the fireworks burst onto the scene like a clockwork explosion. A ticking time bomb.We celebrate the new year to come to terms with the year past. This either marks a year so exceedingly good thus requiring to go out with a bang, or a year so exceedingly bad that taro rows must be drowned out with loud noises and being sandwiches between strangers in public spaces. We also celebrate to welcome the new year with the hopes that a great night would reflect a great 2014.

i thought fireworks were okay until they came on. I wish I could play the guitar so that I could serenade the sky in Plain White Tees because ‘Time square don’t shine as bright as you. I swear its true’. In The Great Gatsby, the green light was symbolic of th ultimate goal, shrouded in the fog it felt unattainable. It was unattainable. I watched the lights rain down on me tonight and realized they were all green lights. And as they disappeared around us, these lights began to merge with us.

Within everyone is a green light, and this is the year I want to become my own green light.

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