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So my first week in Stockholm has come and gone already. It was a crazy whirlwind of parties and fikas, meeting an entire group of people at once, exchanging Facebook and phone numbers and then possibly never seeing them again. We’re only a cohort of around 400 exchange students, halve what the previous semester was. Yet it’s still hard to keep track of people with groups and sub-groups forming, timetable differences and well, not everyone lives at Lappis. I’ll go into this later when I have more decent photos, I’ve been a terrible pseudo-photographer having not taken Gamma* out since my parents left.

For now here are pictures of food I have made since I got here. I was initially a lot prouder of how tasty yet healthy everything has tasted until I got invited to Kungshamra for dinner two nights ago. Their dinner was absolutely amazing, with American style burgers (with American orange cheese), fried rice, grilled fish, guacamole and a whole lot of other food. Again no photos because everyone ate too quickly, so a testament to how delicious everything was I suppose.

I have basically been having variations of the same meal for breakfast everyday. Oats topped with yogurt and milk plus whatever fruit I happen to have on hand. The yogurt here is sold in cartons and comes out quite runny, like a thin cream. It’s not a very nice description but I love how light it is.


We have one supermarket on campus which although tends to be quite expensive at least has a decent variety. For my lunches and dinners when I’m home it’s mainly this tri-coloured quinoa as a base and then some boiled vegetables and egg or smoked salmon. Tri-coloured quinoa is where it is at, I don’t know why but there is zero bitterness that you would usually have from quinoa and there’s so much crunch to this. Also my soft-boiled eggs are usually perfect but for this bowl I had to step out of the kitchen to grab something so I didn’t douse the eggs in cold water in time. Nevertheless they were good, I usually overcook my eggs by a large margin.Image

Unfortunately smoked salmon here is not as cheap as I had hoped although it tastes much better for the price you pay. Also although this isn’t a recipe, anything tastes good with the honey + salt + pepper+ olive oil combination. You can’t see the quinoa through the sheer amount of spinach leaves I have dumped into this bowl.Image

I still tend to overcook my vegetables which is really bad since all the nutrients get kind of boiled out. I find carrots and broccoli to be the easiest and most versatile vegetables to cook with but I always seem to cook them separately because carrots take a lot longer to soften up.ImageImage

This was my breakfast this morning, freshly delivered to this blog. Three kinds of fruit because they were all about to get soft and mouldy. Anyway that’s about it for this post, hopefully I have more Sweden related photos to share soon!

*The name Robert has christened my black GM1 with

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