Moved into Lappis!

As the title states, I’ve moved into the place I will be living in for the next 6 months, Lappis! Lappkarrsberget or Lappis as the students call it is a residential area made up of low rise apartment blocks that house over 2,000 students. I’m sure each block varies in the number of rooms but there are about 10-15 rooms on my floor and our block is more than two storeys high.

Photo Jan 23, 8 08 57 AM


This is bad photo I took of Lappis as we’re coming from the station. All of the buildings with the lights at the back is Lappis, it stretches a bit more too the right as well which I did not capture in the photo.

I have been excited about Lappis ever since I was notified that it was to be my accommodation because it was my first choice. To be honest I probably could have done more research on what the community is like here or the distance it is from my university but as I recall once I read on the information that you get your own room with your own bathroom I was completely sold. I suppose luckily enough for me everyone here seems nice enough so far, though it is too soon to tell I guess.

Regarding the distance, I am about a 15 minutes walk or 1.3 km away from the building with all my classes. I think this is about as close as you can get to university, there are people who live here but have classes in the city and people who live a bus or train ride away and have to commute every day to our campus here. At Lappis we have a restaurant, a supermarket called ICA that strongly reminds me of IGA in Australia (in name and in the way it’s been branded) and a gym that’s kind of a smelly shit box but I will probably end up using it because the membership is crazy cheap.

Anyway here are photos of my room after my excellent parents came and help me set it up.

Photo Jan 19, 8 10 03 PM

This is the room as you enter in. Please ignore the bedsheets, they are ghost of boarding school’s past. The previous inhabitant of this room was a girl and I think it shows as the room came fully furnished and looking like this. I am especially grateful for the dressing table set up. Photo Jan 19, 8 10 38 PM


The room from the far end of the corner. So it’s really quite spacious and I’ve managed to fit in a whole bunch of stuff like my personal items and also household items. Another huge shout out to my parents who did all the IKEA shopping for me while I was having my first day of university.

Basically the room came with all the furniture and toilet roll and some sheets and blankets, leftover from the girl who stayed. Lappis only promises a clean furnished room, the rest is a luck of the draw. I met a Puerto Rican girl in my building who’s room came with all sorts of pots and pans and pillows and sheets. I suppose it really depends if you have issues with using other people’s old stuff. There is a huge Facebook page for Stockholm University students to buy and sell old stuff and I think acquiring things on the cheap from other people is really just part of the student way of living.

Photo Jan 22, 8 30 11 PM


What you see around Lappis. There’s something quite spectacular about trees stripped bare in winter.

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