As a kid I used to get the words ‘resolution’ and ‘revolution’ mixed up. Even as I type this, I think of the word resolution to be associated with flat screen TVs such that I immediately disassociate it with the brand new year.

It seems that other childhood habits also die harder than a Bruce Willis sequel. Earlier while in the shower I began planning my revo resolutions by writing them on the mist forming on the door of the hotel’s bathroom shower. I had gotten as far as the 3rd before I realised that I was unintentionally drowning myself by turning on the rain shower and hose shower in a water tight cubicle. Cheating death aside it seemed appropriate to continue my list at another time so here I am immortalising my 2014 New Years resolutions, the first ones I have ever properly made and hopefully the first ones I will see through to the rest of the year. This list will constantly be edited with new additions and to check off completed ones.

1. Write a novella
2. Blog everyday
3. Write a diary at least twice a week
4. Learn how to code
5 Learn another new skill
6. Be less hard on myself

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