Meet Mario Party

It is 4 pm and I am finally functioning, demonstrating this by sitting atop my bed in pyjamas and my scratchy cardigan, eating rye crackers with some kind of Swedish crab paste my mom bought from IKEA. It’s packaging is deceptively simple, so simple that I don’t need an Allen key to open it. I have almost all but finished my first tube of fish roe paste but it’s currently at Nikki’s so I guess I will have to go there and get it at some point.

Speaking of Nikki’s place, we had our Lappis dinner the other night as a way of returning the favour to the Kungshamrans who cooked for us last week. I completely lied when I told Jae that I was not stressed at all with cooking for other people but somehow between preparing my appallingly ugly sushi I managed to take some pictures and.. I also took some shots. (Sorry I had to do that).


There was basically no way that I could have gotten a shot of the food without someone having already grabbed at it. That’s actually the second plate of sushi I made. There was no greater relief than hearing that everyone really liked it though I have two regrets about making it, one being introducing my international friends to Australian’s-butchered-Japan, soy chicken and avocado sushi and two forgetting to buy a bamboo mat so I had to roll it with paper towels. Pictured is also Jordan’s two cheese scones which are absolutely delicious though I guess you really can’t go wrong with bread and cheese in any form. He also made the Greek salad but I didn’t have any as there were too many cucumbers and most of the tomatoes were gone by the time I got to it. I think cucumber tastes like toothpaste. Nikki made an almighty vegetable soup which ended up being more of a vegetable stew but it was definitely my favourite dish of the night. It has probably 6 or more kinds of vegetables in it and is an absolute lifesaver in this winter weather. She actually made a huge pot of it but as Giacomo needed it to make pesto pasta (not pictured), we had to start portioning it into whatever smaller pots we had around the kitchen.


Probably not the best photo of it but I had to put it up to commend Giacomo and Luca’s effort that went into making it. The pasta is one which I’ve never had before called trofie. Giacomo tells me that this is the pasta to eat with green pesto because both trofie and pesto come from the same region.

That night there were people from Kungshamra, Jordan’s corridor mate, Nikki’s corridor mates, people from our law class and I guess, us. Us being our loose group that we formed from the first day are


Bri, Nikki, myself,


Giacomo, Andrea and Jordan

For obvious and somewhat racist reasons we’ve decided to call ourselves Mario Party.

MarioPartyWe’re kind of cute like that.

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