Lunch at Herman’s


I wish I was kidding when I said in an earlier post that I was eating a lot of vegetarian. Kidding about kidding, Herman’s located in the Slussen-ish area is the evolved form of Hermitage, despite Hermitage having the longer name. It is cheaper (if you are a student) has a larger variety of food in their buffet, and also holds the most incredible views because its situated right next to water. I can only dream what this place would look like in summer. Incidentally earlier in the week whenever I told people I had tried Hermitage they always thought I meant Herman’s, thinking that it translated weirdly from Swedish to English. Pictured above is their crazy hipster coffee and tea section with an abundance of tea options.

P1000551-10That bread basket is already brimming with loaves of fresh bread but moments after I take this shot, the kitchen staff brings out another few more loaves. It’s almost like they’re challenging me to inhale all their food!

P1000553-12I am going to wager that the menu changes quite often but if you are ever there and there is lasagne (not pictured) you need to eat about half a tray of it. You will thank me for this is the ultimate lifehack, nothing can make you happier than to consume such a glorious tasting lasagne. So Beverly be my witness in saying this.

P1000548-8 I once again gave myself up to the greedy little gopher that lives inside of me and filled two plates of food to the absolute brim.


Food to me is as much of a companion to any meal as is the person sitting in front of you.

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