Lunch at Hermitage


I’ve never really fancied myself a vegetarian even though I do eat a lot of vegetables. I am so much for balanced meals that a few months ago I even started blending vegetables into my breakfast smoothies because I didn’t feel like I was hitting the healthy threshold for my lunch and dinner. It may just be the absurdity of the thought of excluding all animals from my diet, I mean the party in my mouth for the past 22 years has never really discriminated on food groups. But all food in Stockholm is fiendishly expensive, restaurants and groceries alike. We don’t really eat out that much and the fact that I’ve only cooked meat once here is attributed to both the price of meat and my level of cooking which has reached all new levels of laziness.

Last Thursday, my party of two Canadians and an American (Ignoring the fact that my friends have names and calling them by their place of origin instead makes me feel so Zombieland) paid a visit to Hermitage, touted on TripAdvisor as the highest ranking cheap restaurant in Stockholm.


It’s a little cafe sitting pretty on a main street of the old city, Gamla Stan. I reiterate, it is tiny and I don’t think could fit more than 30 people.P1000524-3

Which is about right considering its buffet is limited to all these options in the salad bar and the cart. The cart does include some lower shelves not pictured in this photo.


It is my honest belief that if vegetarian food at home was like this all the time I would really be okay with never seeing another ribeye fillet in medium rare. Everything tasted really wholesome, fresh and most of all filling. It’s that last one that usually gives me reservations about turning into a rabbit. Vegetables even paired with grains don’t usually leave me satiated. However whether because it was a buffet and I ended up eating more of it, I was definitely ready to be rolled out of the restaurant by the end of it. My favourites were definitely the bread and the hummus combination. The bread was fresh and pillowy soft and dotted with little grains and orange flecks of what I think is carrot. The hummus was really flavoursome and I enjoyed a texture that was different to my supermarket tub of hummus. Lately I’ve been easily able to finish a tub a day. Someone needs to leash me.P1000526-5Terrible photo and I knew it at the time even but was too hungry to care. I’d recommend coming to Hermitage just for the crack bread but the cous cous and wrap are good too. It is worth mentioning that although the price range on TripAdvisor lists it as 45 – 90 SEK it was actually 110 SEK for the buffet. Perhaps there were ala carte options but I confess to not have asked too many questions.

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  1. Is ‘crack bread’ actually a thing or is it another one of your metaphors? Lol

    1. I wish it was a thing alas its just an allusion to how insanely addictive that bread was!

  2. And lovely post as usual, just in case you didn’t already know! 🙂

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