Belgium Part 2 – Bruges

Here is my horribly delayed post on Bruges. On our second day in Belgium we caught a train to iconic Bruges. Some of you like myself, heard of it off the film In Bruges. While I didn’t chance to meet crazy gun-wielding bad guys or hookers or little people, the scenic landscapes was everything movie cinematics had captured and more.

We accidentally took the longer train which resulted in two hours of travel time instead of one. However going past Belgian landscapes on a slow train was not misfortune, as the photos I took below will reveal. P1000965-1  P1000967-3 The weather that day if I remember correctly was wonderful. We chose to go to the park first before heading to the city centre.

P1000970-5Cola 3photo by Cola

P1000981-8Every scene, every angle looked like a postcard shot.


P1000997-14Walaupun mempunyai kekurangan upaya iaitu mata sepet, gambar ini menunjukkan Si Sam sedang bercuba sedaya upaya untuk melihat dan menyerap sepenuh-penuhnya pengalaman exchange ini.


I never really knew much about Cola prior to this trip but if I didn’t already say in the previous post on Brussels, she takes really good photos and has some really adorable artistic direction with some of the poses she does/makes us do.

Cola 1photo by Cola

If I had to guess she must take a lot of inspiration from Asian dramas because this seriously looks like the cover on a DVD box set of the latest Korean or Taiwanese series. Cola 2 photo by Cola

I could not stop cooing over Nami’s hair which Cola had taken the liberty of styling almost everyday that we were there. She attempted to braid mine as well but it really isn’t as pretty with short and flat hair.


I am always so fixated on how much of an urban girl I am. I love my skyscrapers and I love having evidence around me that shows progression and technology. But as we enter the city area, I feel as dwarfed and as humbled as I did standing 118 floors above in the Hong Kong skyline . All because of a couple of swans. Nature what are you doing to me?P1010039-21 Tonnes of Belgium beer if that’s your sort of thing. I don’t think I had any alcohol on this trip. And 1-2 months later as I am writing this, I don’t think I have had all that much since. For further proof of my sobriety, it is Valborg today and I am sitting in my room in my pyjamas writing this post.P1010059-23P1010064-25


P1010074-30The candy store on the main street didn’t sell anything too fancy but the backlight and neon red gave that creepy, dirty feeling I know all too well now thanks to Desmond and Kazz for dragging me through sex shops in Akihabara back in December. P1010068-26 Being in there really felt like I was doing something my mom would not like to know I was doing. P1010090-31 Back outside again, taking wonderful gratuitous tourist photos next to the fountain and the fountain’s bin.P1010096-33 P1010112-36Bruges square is no Grand Place but it’s still pretty stunning all the same. P1010113-37 Yen was a great last minute addition to the trip as well if anything to balance out the male and female ratio. He asked me what the most romantic thing my boyfriend had ever done for me. Yen then told me the most romantic thing he’s ever done is create a PowerPoint. Admittedly it looked like quite an impressive one, one of such profoundness that it illuded my caveman-esque grasp of Chinese characters.P1010129-40 P1010131-41And just when you thought we left the candy store behind. So with my best guess I’m going to say pietje means penis. So what does rimpelsteeltje mean? Life-like and erect penis? Veiny penis?P1010135-42 Calling it a day as the sun does as well.P1010138-43 I suppose one benefit of blogging so horrendously late is getting to see these photos again feeling the nostalgia take me back.P1010140-44There’s a poem I learnt back in Form 1 in Malaysia called the Lake Isle of Innisfree. It’s another one belonging to William Butler Yeats. Although poetry is not my strongest suit, it is one of the first poems I related most strongly to, and one that I continuously go back to when I describe the dichotomy of wanting the repose nature gives while still calling the heart of any major city home. Whatever this essence or this quietness is, I wish I could scoop it up into a jar and take it home.P1010142-46

I will arise and go now, for always night and day
I hear lake water lapping with low sounds by the shore;
While I stand on the roadway, or on the pavements grey,
I hear it in the deep heart’s core.

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