Silence in Stockholm

First up, apologies for the decrease in posts in March and complete lack of posts in April thus far. No excuses, just plain laziness and trying the whole ‘living my life’ rather than just documenting it. Though I’m sure there is a balance to strike between the two and it does not involve bumming around in the shared kitchen with my corridor mates until 3-4 in the am. I had a relatively lengthy period where I stayed grounded in Stockholm due to assignments and the changing of subjects in the middle of semester. And long-story short, it was here that I finally started to enjoy my simple life here in Sweden. On any good week my schedule in no particular order looks like this. I’m no expert, but this looks like the skeleton of the next Murakami novel.

  • Wake up to WhatsApp messages from California, Kuala Lumpur, Manchester and Wagga Wagga
  • Grocery shopping
  • Attend American and English Business Law class
  • Cooking food for/with Armin
  • Watching Disney movies or Pokemon
  • Exploring Stockholm with Armin
  • Swimming/Gymming
  • Sitting in the corridor’s kitchen listening to Swedes talk about football

I know my Instagram widget is ready and available in the sidebar to the right but here’s a post filled with Instagram food photos because life becomes a blur when everyday is as peaceful as the next. Sometimes I like to imagine university students a hundred years from now studying the human condition and discovering that all teen-to-twenty-something females cared about based on Instagram is declaring their love for food, travel and their faces. And food.


Left to right

Breakfast of Fridge Leftovers – I can’t quite remember why I had almost no food in my locker or fridge space that particular morning but if anyone asks, the wakame and feta combination is a new level of umami-ness.

Cold soba noodle salad – Two years ago I had a phenomenal soba noodle salad somewhere in Newtown and ever since then I’ve been trying to perfect a sweet and savoury dressing for it. Vegetables are a must but the key ingredient I would like to highlight in this photo is the bird’s eye chilli which was bought for another dinner by accident and has been mostly unused even to this day as it slowly rots in my fridge. I try my best to incorporate it in dishes to show I am my mother’s daughter but this was the day I drank a gallon of water and my stomach felt like a it was carrying hot coal all day.

Sushi with a French doll – Possibly a week prior to this photo my Legal Systems and Methods class went to an Asian buffet together. It was after my first bite of the sushi there that I pledged to make ‘real’ sushi for Charlotte so that we could rinse our palate of the audacity that they called sushi. Admittedly Malaysian-made sushi doesn’t rank very highly in terms of the authentic Japanese experience but I felt even my bastardised Australian sushi (we used teriyaki chicken amongst other ingredients) was still better than what we had at the buffet.

Salmon-avocado stack – Vivian all the way in Australia had a giggle when she saw I was still eating what Hillary in Bristol calls my ‘cardboard circles’. Yes, my friends all over the world find it hilarious and alarming that I consume rice cakes religiously regardless of which country I’m in. Incidentally I never had any when I was in boarding school and there was an unlimited supply of it. By this point you’ll also notice a recurring theme of corn and chickpeas in my food.

Soba noodle salad round 2 – Another thing I learned to perfect here in Stockholm is the soft boiled egg, akin to the ramen egg without the overnight soy seasoning. Bird’s eye chilli again but learning from past mistakes, I removed most of the seeds and also have a bowl of soygurt handy.

Rolfs Kök – I wouldn’t say I often eat lunch at restaurants alone, but I am perfectly fine doing so. You get a couple of stares especially if the restaurant is packed with employees on business meetings or housewives on a day of leisure. But my love for food is unhindered by societal norms and some days I really just want to eat something nice without giving a shit about people, in or out of my life. Rolfs Kök has been awarded a Michelin Guide BIB Gourmand.

Råkultur – Another dine out experience this time with fellow foodie Kaylynn. Decent enough sushi considering what I have had thus far in Europe.  Råkultur is apparently the #17 restaurant in Sweden while sister restaurant Esperanto as #1 according to a Swedish food magazine I couldn’t read but only make out the numbers.

Plate of overwhelming leftovers – There is every reason for people to sing praises for leftovers. In this instance I was just about to leave for Barcelona and thus had to empty my fridge.

Herman’s for the 4th time – I made a post about Herman’s way back when I went for the first time with Beverly. This is my 4th trip, I made with Neal as I showed him the best sights of Stockholm during his four day stay here.

The calm here has been wonderful. Even as the weather warms up and activity picks up among people, everything still seems to operate quietlyThis was just a quick filler post but hopefully explains the silence so far. Sorry, my mouth was filled with food.

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