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The blogpost everyone on exchange has surely been waiting for. A recap of all the meals I had at Lantis. To the curious, Lantis is the biggest restaurant on Stockholm University campus. You pay 82 kr (MYR 41/ AUD 15) or 62 kr with a prepaid student card and that gives you one main course and access to the salad bar. It’s also the first place I ever ate at on campus with Daisy, Nikki, Giacomo, Andrea, Klarra/Clara, Laura and Marianna. That was basically my birthday party. In total I must have eaten at Lantis at least twelve times, unfortunately idiot past Sam did not have the foresight to save precious documentation of it. Photos have not been edited out of sheer laziness and unexplainable need to maintain the authenticity of Lantis food.IMG_8424Some kind of grilled fish with white sauce and mash potatoes. Erroneously chose dry black bread during my first time here.

Main courses change everyday and you always have a choice of three, Svensk, World food (some international cuisine), and a Healthy option. You can even check on the website a week or more in advance to see what they’re serving on any particular day. Today I am missing out on Scandinavian salmon, cod quenelles (?) and lobster sauce.IMG_0163Another fish based thing this time with kumera mash

Fun fact I used to hate going to Lantis because it felt like we were going so often and I wanted to try something new. Also the main meals are really nothing to shout about. Then one begrudging trip to Lantis with Armin, I had a glorious epiphany.IMG_0799I really really like fish.

Only fools stress over the main course. The magic of Lantis lies in the unlimited salad bar. There’s always a big pile of leaves that I happily dive into, grated carrot and if I’m really lucky, broccoli or mushrooms. The couscous from time to time has been alright as well as the pasta salad. But if Lantis had a hierarchy of food, the main course would be at the bottom followed by the salad bar and then right at the very top would be the tapenade, hummus and a selection of bread. They like to pile the bread up in a big bowl to emphasise its dominance over the other food groups.IMG_0851Fish stew with seafood and topped with butter aioli sauce

No matter how healthy I try to be, carbs is king and there is no king more handsome than a really well baked loaf of bread. I also just really love anything that is olives or chickpeas based. Quite confident that I have eaten several kilos of hummus and tapenade in my time at SU.IMG_0914The name Lantis is basically the Swedish word for farmer and is sometimes used as derogatory slang. So it’s kind of like naming a restaurant in Australia ‘Bogan’ or ‘Jakun’ in Malaysia.

IMG_1009This is also fish but with pesto

I know some people who do it but I could never bring myself to come to Lantis alone. Not just because I love it when people watch me shovel food into my mouth, Armin and Jordan be my witnesses as to how ugly I eat when I am hungry which is EVERYTIME we go to Lantis. But a huge part of Lantis for me is the social aspect of breaking bread with friends. The layout of the dining hall and its sheer largeness makes it really conducive to making conversation. And with the abundance of food, there’s very little reason to rush through a meal. Even if you hate the person you’re eating with, just pile so much salad in front of you until you can’t see them.IMG_1081Cod and stewed vegetables

They sell a bunch of silly Bojan t-shirts and SU t-shirts on campus, but no I <3 Lantis tees. Gosh never have there been truer words spoken about me. I would wear the shit out of that.

I’m currently sitting at Heathrow airport with my flight back to Malaysia in about an hour. I’m also having the biggest case of writer’s block with writing my final post on exchange, which is why I’ve diverted to this silly post instead. This post is dedicated to everyone I ever had the pleasure of dining at Lantis with.

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