A Summer of Lustful Beasts

I’ve been writing and rewriting an update post that talks about my working full time and it’s taken so long that I’m actually three business days away from the end of my internship. This is both appalling and also kind of amazing how time has gone past so quickly when you’re having fun. I haven’t been blogging but I’ve still been browsing the Internets with all the ferocity of a bored Gen Y-er, so here are some material items I’ve seen around and about that I’m currently lusting over.



Fabitoria doesn’t refer to any particular item of clothing, it’s the brand name. I first heard about this brand from some usual suspect Sydney bloggers Jesslovesfred and Taramilktea.  Not specifying what exactly I want basically means I heart anything by Fabitoria. They’re a Taiwanese brand which features images of day-to-day life with a twist. I love this because I think its luxe designs meets casual wear. Also wearing art on your skin seems to be quite fashionable nowadays. ‘Fabitoria’ comes from an amalgamation of the names of the two founders, Fabiana and Victoria. I can think of so many other combinations of names that would have gone horribly wrong. Above pictured are some of the pieces I’ve been coveting.

Ancient Greek Sandals – Nephele


My rational e-shopper mind says that I would never wear any of these. But what does my heart say? It’s too busy having fast palpitations at how bad ass any of my outfits would be once I get these babies on. I am a firm believer that gladiator sandals really look best on leggy girls though so maybe some kind of long-legged genocide is in order. Ancient Greek Sandals you are my Achille’s heel (I lose most friends this way).

Triangl Swimwear – Bikinis


If you haven’t been able to tell, most of these clothes are of the summer persuasion, a high indication of how much I am looking forward to winter in Sydney. I blame my body clock that has irrevocably been switched to the European timezones. So I might as well go full on non-seasonal and introduce these bikinis that I have wanted since the dawn of time aka last month. Everyone knows Triangl, it needs no introduction. What does need explaining is how much I need all these of these at once for mixing and matching purposes.

ASOS – Caps


To round this post off, have a cap for your head. ASOS seems to have a perpetual sale on, this also happens to be my favourite tab on the website. Who can say no to a good bargain? And if you insist on raining on my summer parade, I’m sure some of these leather ones would keep your lil’ noggin warm.

I’m probably going to actually physically shop now after getting myself all fired up doing this. Have an awesome weekend dudes. The title of this blog post comes from an erratic Melbourne trip I had post-HSC circa 2010.



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