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P1010158-34Mural in Belgium

Today was a work from home day so that’s mostly what I did besides hanging out with my family as usual. Right now, I’m currently getting the massage of my life in my parent’s latest adopted child, an OSIM massage chair . I’m quite sure it looks like I’m being chewed and swallowed by a leather monster. As you can tell from my writing about my experience with a massage chair, my day to day isn’t particularly extraordinary. Still there’s something nice about plodding along as per routine and then ending the day in absolute contentment.

I suppose this photo isn’t really relevant to the text but it was taken by Jordan who is currently flying back to Canada. He’s the final member of Mario Party to still be travelling so I reckon him making the trip home is symbolic of exchange being well and truly over. It’s going to be a long time before I stop interweaving exchange photos into bits of texts or before I stop interjecting with bits about how the people I met on exchange are going. After all this started as a travel/exchange blog and I’m not quite sure where the direction is going now that that part of my life is over.



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