Here’s Looking at You, Flower

Here are a couple of photos from my trip to Skansen with Andrea a couple of months ago. Skansen is a museum cum zoo located in Djurgarden. It was pretty deserted the day we went despite the awesome weather. I had hardly ever had alone time with Andrea while on exchange so on this rare occasion we really got to talking about racism, the law, and animals in Italy, Australia and Malaysia.P1010620-15


Here is the man himself having a staring competition with some flowers. This was towards the end of our Skansen tour after we’d already ooohed and aahhed at the Scandinavian wildlife and traditional Swedish homes. I miss glorious Swedish summer weather and beautiful parks to walk in. Mostly I miss the good company I had whilst on exchange. We’re all ridiculously spread out right now but it’s great that social media and instant messaging help us stay connected.


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