Tranccidental Running


When I first got back from Sweden, the first thing I wanted to do in Malaysia was go for a run outdoors. That’s yet another positive trait I learnt from my time on exchange, to stop being a treadmill junkie and actually go outside for some exercise. Obviously my gated community does not even begin to compare to a Swedish forest, even one that was basically 15 minutes from the heart of the city. But what I found was listening to the same trippy playlist, was still able to put me in the same mindset of wanting to appreciate all of my surroundings. I really think exhibiting mindfulness in whatever you do, even something like running which (to me) doesn’t require much thinking, vastly changes the experience.

I’ve also since listened to this while driving or just lying on my bed as I watch the ceiling fan turn. I think its just a great playlist to put you in the mood for being quiet.Tranccidental is how I describe the outdoor running I did in Sweden, strangely uplifting with the first song to spark the playlist being discovered on the shuffle setting, a complete accident.


Track List

  1. Segels Torg – Veronic Maggio
  2. Walking On A Dream – Empire of The Sun
  3. Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap
  4. Such Great Heights – The Postal Service
  5. Shyness – Thieves Like Us
  6. Shadowplay – The Killers
  7. Read My Mind – The Killers
  8. Paradise – Coldplay
  9. Only The Young – Brandon Flowers
  10. My December (Reanimation Remix) – Linkin Park
  11. Midnight City – M83
  12. Love Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division
  13. Love Lost – The Temper Trap
  14. If I Could Change Your Mind – HAIM
  15. I’m Aquarius – Metronomy
  16. Forever – HAIM
  17. Fast Car – Tracy Chapman
  18. Falling – HAIM
  19. Fader – The Temper Trap
  20. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall – Coldplay
  21. Corinne – Metronomy
  22. Charlie Brown – Coldplay
  23. Boy Racers – Metronomy
  24. Blue Monday -88 – New Order
  25. Bizarre Love Triangle – New Order
  26. Bittersweet Symphony – The Verve
  27. The Bay – Metronomy
  28. Always On My Mind – Pet Shop Boys

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