A Whole New Butt

We’re settled in the new place now, it’s even been christened with the name Unicorn Palace when the ISP guys pressured me into thinking of a name in thirty seconds or less. There’s a couple of bits of furniture that haven’t come in yet but last week I figured I’d have time enough to get back into some semblance of a gym routine so I renewed my gym membership at uni! I’ll possibly talk about my routine at some other time, maybe, since I don’t feel particularly qualified to share what I do at the gym. But what I can show you are some really cute gym outfits, cute enough that even if you don’t feel particularly inclined to move your body from left to right, you’d get away with using them as lounge wear.

1. Whether you work out or not, Blogilates is bound to ring some bells as it’s almost a household name. She recently launched her new brand of clothing Bodypopactive and here are my favourite picks.


Pull On My Heartstrings Bra




Sweetbliss Bra in Jade
Bombshell Booty Shorts in Jade


Side scrunch Booty in Highlighter – BM

I’m assuming she’s eventually going to collate all of her shops together. I still a huge fan of these ones from her old oGorgeous shop.

2. I keep chancing upon these Disney workout tanks on the internet and while some think they’re a little tacky, I personally can’t stop chuckling at them even when I’ve read them for the upteenth time now. You can get em here at Look Human.


3. Cotton On Body is looking pretty spiffy as of late. It’s also really affordable so think a new gym look without breaking the bank. Also this way it’s not a huuge loss either should your new gym regime last a whole 15 hours, but I won’t tell anyone. I like the Zip Attack Crop in grey because it’s a chic design while still screaming old school varsity.



Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 9.46.23 PM


4. This is possibly the opposite of fitness but you need something to do your stretching in.. right? I am also obssessed with getting the boy into a pair of sweats because I cannot comprehend how he wears jeans and pants when lounging around at home. Seems like the only logical solution is to get myself a pair instead.

10000563806Maystone Slim Sweatpant by Jack Wills


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