Alia Bastamam: Pre-Fall 2014

Alia Bastamam first danced on my newsfeed during my last month in Sweden. With it’s soft colours and classic silhouettes the Raya 2014 had me missing home more than ever. From neck to ankles, each design had you covered up completely yet it couldn’t be denied that every single piece still exuded confidence and sexuality. My last tango with traditional Malay wear was the nightmarish baju kurung in a garish white and cyan motif and made from hard cotton. Now no longer a grubby high school teenager I hope I am allowed to have nice things. Like Alia Bastamam. Below are a couple of things I’m loving from her Pre-Fall 2014. As you’d expect it’s more modern than the Raya collection, but who says you can’t be progressive while staying true to your roots?

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This print is strongly reminiscent of my honeycomb top from Dude & The Duchess albeit in understated colours. I love how it’s been worked into a skirt here, and gold is always regal.

KLFW 2014: Alia BastamamWhile everything is beautiful, I believe Alia Bastamam’s best pieces still are her full length ones with lots of flowy material.


All images from Alia Bastamam Pre-Fall 2014.


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