As one of my welcome back to Sydney dinners, a bunch of us friends, family and family friends, got together for a quick lunch on Thursday. I usually would have class but thank god for tutorials that only start in Week 2, as ARIA was definitely something I did not want to miss.


For a cool $89, you can have the whole three course she-bang for lunch. As fine dining restaurants go this is a pretty good deal. Though if you want something that’ll leave your wallet alone then there are one course options ($46) and two course options ($74) as well. Picking from an array of things that all sound delicious is usually hard but I always check out the menu of places beforehand so I basically knew what I was having from the night before. P1020075-1

I love seafood and I also tend to order things at restaurants that I wouldn’t normally get to eat at home. Fresh oysters fall within this overlapping Venn diagram. These were deliciously creamy with a tangy aftertaste from the chardonnay and eshallots dressing. Throw in a couple of ikura for a real flavour of the ocean and you have yourself a party in your mouth.P1020076-2

Vivian and Elaine went with the kurobuta pork neck. I don’t eat pork so I don’t know how it went but I do know that Viv and E all but licked the plate clean of it and the feta puree.


For some reason it looks like I’ve taken the butt of the fillet in this photo but this is my main course, the roasted fillet of toothfish. This toothfish knocks anything I’ve eaten here thus far, out of the park. It’s flaky, it’s succulent and not in the slightest bit overcooked which is anyone’s biggest fear with fish. While I didn’t really get the shallot as the vegetable part of the meal, I seriously dug into the octopus pieces.P1020080-4

8 months later with Gamma and 39423423 years later with blogging, I’m still getting the hang of taking food photos and in a manner that is consistent with a photo set. Bear with me guys! This is the roasted beef fillet. It’s flavoursome and the texture isn’t too bad but Viv and I like our steaks quite rare and despite telling the waiter so, this turnout to be more medium-y. I enjoyed the braised cabbage and the mash was good creamy and smooth considering I’m usually more of a fan of mash with texture lumps.P1020082-5I don’t have photos of any of the other desserts but it really doesn’t matter. This black sesame parfait was phenomenal. Creamy and a really distinct taste of black sesame, it paired especially well with the lime sorbet. Hidden in this photo is the black sesame crisp underneath the parfait to break up the dish with more texture. I’m also a huge fan of the almonds. I’m not sure all the other little bits of jelly and goo did much but it sure made it look pretty.

All in all ARIA was great! Really good value for money, and it’s in a really pretty part of town. I don’t have any photos but we were lucky enough to be seated near the giant window overlooking Circular Quay and all the pretty boats docked there. Nothing like an easy, breezy lunch on a sunny weekday to say G’Day Sydney.

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  1. oooh i love toothfish!

    1. I didn’t realise it was a type of cod, which explains why its so delicate and rich!

  2. the black sesame parfait looks really good!

    1. I love black sesame desserts which typically plague Asian restaurants, so it’s nice for a fine dining restaurant to pay homage to an ingredient so valued in Asian cuisine!

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