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Matt threw a belated 21st shindig last week at The Avenue. We’re both from the same year at the same university, doing the same half degree but I don’t think we ever got around to talking much until we went on exchange together. Incidentally we also did the same TAFE Mandarin course two years ago.

Photo Aug 09, 7 12 21 PMThe theme was “Formal With a Splash of Print” so I stole borrowed mom’s kain batik which she brought over when she came to Sydney the day before the party. I really love the way the green pops, it was definitely a stand out in the group photo of my mum and her friends who all also had equally stunning sarongs and kain for their own Hari Raya dinner in Malaysia. Mum paired hers with a black blouse while I wore my Black Milk The Reverse Dress as a top.

10385403_10202584794720474_6195762188491178329_n.jpg_effectedIt was a little weird seeing heaps of people I knew by face but not by name. I’m not the most sociable when it comes to knowing my law cohort. But I had gone mainly to see these guys in the photos above. You may remember Nikki from earlier exchange and Mario Party posts but there is also Chris and Brianne. They’re from Brisbane, Newcastle and Canberra respectively and are such studs for making the trek. I was already thanking my lucky stars that mum was around to drive me to Chatswood so I didn’t have to catch the train! I had a lot of fun and it was lovely seeing the Sverige group, I’ll see you in ethics tomorrow Matt!

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