Name Day Shenanigans

One of my faux pas during exchange was wishing Constantinos a happy birthday on a day which was actually not his birthday but his name day. In Game of Thrones the two seem to mean the same thing but in the real world a name day is a Greek Orthodox tradition where every day of the year is dedicated to a Christian saint or marytr. That’s basically the extent of my knowledge regarding this topic but after perusing this website in Sweden while chatting with Constans we determined that August 20th is my name day as it is Saint Samuel’s day. Obviously he reminded me and wished me today otherwise I wouldn’t have remembered but happy name day me! The title of the post is horribly misleading, I was just at uni today but I decided to dig up some old Greece photos to commemorate today.

Photo Aug 20, 11 51 02 PM

On the hike up to the acropolis.

Photo Aug 20, 11 50 08 PM

Quite possibly the worst mode of transport ever.

Photo May 03, 11 14 46 AM

I can’t believe I never posted this selfie (which Jordan unabashedly made himself apart of), 2 am when the cruise ship stopped moving and people began a panic frenzy where everyone wore life jackets.

Photo Aug 20, 11 49 00 PMMuch, much happier on land at Santorini. Here’s our second trip to Tranquilo serving salads that weigh more than I do. Full post with lots of food pictures here.

Photo Aug 20, 11 47 57 PMIn Fira we did actually get to witness a big fat greek wedding (sort of)! It was a really long procession leading up to the church where everyone was clapping throughout and to a beat and just generally having an awesome time.

Photo Aug 21, 12 20 27 AM

Lastly, series of gratuitous photos of myself soaking in and burning up under the sun on Perissa beach. It’s absolutely freezing right now in Sydney and will probably rain again tomorrow and for the rest of the week. So one more time how does it go? TAKE. ME. BACK. I leave you now with some traditional Greek music that didn’t stop playing throughout the entire 13 hours on Anek Lines


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