Outfit: My Skin Tone

Earlier today Davor and I were trying to convince Gabriel to go with us to a uni event where they would be providing free coffee or tea or other non-alcoholic beverages to international/exchange students. This was how I began selling it to Gabriel before I was estopped by holier-than-thine Davor who said “It’s not always about getting free things”.

Now I love Davor a bunch but have you seen my skin tone?! Asians are like the latest development in the modern compass for finding free stuff. Coupled with my student disposition and I’m like one of those cute Australian immigration sniffer dogs for anything good that I don’t have to pay for. Case in point, university open days that are swarming with people (Asian and non-Asian, prospective students and regular people who don’t seem to have a day job) placating stall owners and information providers all for that cup of shiny plastic pens.

Racial and demographic stereotypes aside, one thing a lot of girls are often quoted to saying is that finding old clothing you haven’t worn in a long time is basically shopping for free. After not having been home for close to seven months, coming back to Malaysia was like diving into a treasure trove of awesome clothes that already fit me. This was of course amplified by the fact that I owned something like four t-shirts in Stockholm which I wore so often I might as well have been a one-outfit cartoon character. Trust me many tears were shed in this happy reunion on the ground of my floordrobe.


Dress: Asian store in Market City

Vest: ASOS

Shoes: Chanel

One of my relatives had a birthday dinner and these were some of my finds. I’ve probably only worn this dress two or three times and at formal occasions. Pairing it with this vest I bought probably three years ago (?) makes it a bit more casual. And shoes as always, sponsored by mum’s shoe cupboard under the stairs.

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