Workfit: Jungle juice

I have a hate-hate relationship with heels of all kinds. I know friends who could run, basically fly in 6-inch beauties while I look like I’m learning how to walk for the first time, putting one foot in front of the other. Problem is, I’m pretty tiny and I need any excuse I can get to add a couple of centimetres to my stature. So if an outfit calls for a pair of heels I usually grit my teeth and bare it.

During one of our internship work assignments, Sasha and I had to trawl a couple of shopping malls. I don’t remember the exact route but five or so hours later and I was visibly in pain. Enough for Sasha to show concern at how her walking companion was progressively getting lame, but not quite for me to break my contract with my shoes no matter how much I was already profusely bleeding. After she’d gone I was waiting for my ride (read: grandfather to pick me up) and I decided that short of sawing off everything from the ankle down, retail therapy was the next to alleviate my pain. Enter Dude & The Duchess, one of my favourite stores to frequent when I’m in Malaysia.

The following outfit features the spoils of my shopping trip. I’m still in heels here so evidently I never learn. I’m sorry shoes, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have gotten blood all over your soft, supple leather, take me baaaack!

Photo Jul 11, 11 44 57 AM

Top: Dude & Duchess

Skort: Topshop

Shoes: Bottega Veneta


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  1. Great outfit. Love the vibrant green.

    1. Thank you so much! I definitely loved it off the rack, had reservations as I put it on, but I’m so glad I bought it in the end.

  2. […] print is strongly reminiscent of my honeycomb top from Dude & The Duchess albeit in understated colours. I love how it’s been worked into a […]

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