Breakfast at Home 1


I’m a morning person. This means my body starts to stir from around 5-6 am but before anyone envies me, this also means that I feel the need to pass out around 10.30 pm or earlier. I’m perfectly fine with this arrangement though because being a morning person, I’m more than likely to treat myself to an awesome breakfast which seriously just makes me do the happy dance for the rest of today. Here are a couple of snapshots of what I ate the other day.


Went through a week of being obsessed with baking bananas because mine were seriously overripe. I also hope most people got to catch the ridiculous over-supply of strawberries in the previous few weeks which meant they were going for as low as 3 punnets for $5.

P1020309-3I also try to do a semi ‘detox’ every day by downing a full class of lemon water every morning before eating or drinking anything else. Tea if I can be bothered to make it is often of the T2 variety.


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