I’ve already been spamming photos of me from CospARTy like crazy on Instagram so here’s the blogpost for it!


CospARTy is the event to cap off Arts Week at university. I went partly to support my friends Vivian, Em and their Japanese society, partly because I relish any moment I get to wear my Rinoa Dion Rogers cosplay.


Shameless uni pride plug but The Underground looks so good now as does the rest of the surrounding area including the food court which used to a derelict wasteland of greasy kebabs, stale sushi and dirty plastic table tops. While the food vendors haven’t really changed, at least we can pretend we’re in a hip Newtown establishment brewing just beneath the surface. In any case it’s such a nice thing to come back to uni to, hopefully it’s not too late to have hang-out sessions here before I graduate.


Photo by Em Chai

A bit on my costume.

Dion Rogers’ Rinoa is the competition winner for FFAnything-2 way back in 2001. Circa that time period I had all the love for my Playstation X and practically zero search engine skills so on the extreme off-chance that I came across it online, I was absolutely mesmerised. The costume itself is actually this crap quality thing I bought last year from a cosplay store online and paid a little too much for because I needed express shipping. It’s actually gotten even more tatty after just two wears. The night before CospARTy I ironed it with extreme care yet somehow managed to stain some of the blue with some of the white from the angel wings. But I love it. Even if a car ran over it in torrential rain I would still love it.

I first started playing Final Fantasy VIII when I was around eight years old. To date it’s still one of my favourite games of all time, I draw all sorts of inspiration and personal values from it. Being a fat, geeky and unattractive girl of ten years old, Rinoa was a goddess to me. She’s funny, cute, extremely kind and with a little bit of a stubborn princess attitude. To top it all off Final Fantasy has a knack for creating these beautiful people of an ambiguous master race but I always thought Rinoa’s features were just well, most like mine. In the game Rinoa, steals borrows Squall’s Griever ring to make a copy of it for herself (because she’s just that kind of overbearing person). The one I am wearing is the one I bought when I was ten years old from a gaming store in One Utama that doesn’t exist anymore. It comes with a bunch of other stuff like Squall’s Griever necklace and miniature gunblade and I have held on to all of them all these years waiting for the moment I would be able to cosplay Rinoa. I feel so blessed and ‘achievement-unlocked’y about being able to reprise my role again.



photo by UTS Exposure x Brad

Ravi was my proverbial white knight again coming as Squall/Leon in his Kingdom Hearts II dress. He’s also wearing my Griever necklace! In all honesty I don’t think anyone but our friends that night knew which characters we were meant to be. There was possibly a 30% recognition rate at SMASH last year? I don’t mind too much though but the amount of times people asked for a photo without actually knowing who my character was, was a little bit hilarious.


Jesse as mameshiba! His grandmother made his costume for him, it even comes with a hat with ears underneath that bean suit.




photo by UTS Exposure x Brad

Vivian and I, with Vivian as Cardcaptor Sakura in her primary school/nautical themed uniform. Another dream was achieved that night, Vivian had always wanted to cosplay Sakura and now she even has a Syaoran to cosplay with her.

 10700147_10154556956850562_4910855843495274232_ophoto by UTS Exposure x Brad

Kathy as Yuna from Final Fantasy X!


CospARTy was oodles of fun, considering I barely knew anyone. I think people are automatically a lot friendlier when they’re in a guise of some sort. I love costume parties and I think cosplay is a great way to express yourself and your love of whatever particular fandom you’re into. I’m not sure I’ll cosplay again since I don’t game or watch anime much anymore, but if I do it’ll probably Rinoa again in some shape or form.


Because once again I got tagged by a few people on Facebook regarding cosplay

First cosplay: Either Yuuki from Vampire Knight or Female Honey from Ouran High School Host Club

Second cosplay: Hitachiin Hikaru from Ouran High School Host Club

Third cosplay: Dion Rogers’ Rinoa

Most satisfied: Dion Rogers’ Rinoa from SMASH 2013. I had the ‘right’ hair for it and I even had angel wings!

Most unsatisfactory: Either Yuuki or Hikaru. Yuuki because it was sweltering hot and I didn’t really look like her at all, I just looked like a emo kid. Hikaru was pretty bad too because evidently wearing a wig does not make me look like a boy  (I was genuinely surprised).

Upcoming cosplay (If I do end up cosplaying again):

– Rinoa original form (FFVIII) plus Shooting Star

– Female Squall (FFVIII) plus Lionheart

– Transient Princess Rinoa (Monty Oum) THE DREAM

– Cactuar or Moogle or Chocobo or Tonberry

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  1. I’d like to see Chocobo Sam, haha.
    Keep up the cosplaying! I think you’re doing a good job with it (Y)

    1. Thanks Jo! Haha I’ll try my best. It’s a time consuming hobby but a good end result makes it worthwhile. I LOVE chocobos they’re like giant silly chickens!

  2. […] What jumpstarted my conversations with Jonno again was actually the band itself and my occasional cosplaying. The realisation of our common interests led to bonding on the interwebz over rocky childhoods […]

  3. […] What jumpstarted my conversations with Jonno again was actually the band itself and my occasional cosplaying. The realisation of our common interests led to bonding on the interwebz over rocky childhoods […]

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