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I’ve been to Devon Cafe countless of times at this point but I’ve never actually written a post about them on my blog. Seeing as I made two trips to Devon in the span of a single weekend I figured it was now high time to put this up. It’s also the week in which we see the black truffle on it’s way out and celebrate it by inhaling as much of it as possible. According to the waitress, an additional $9 gets you truffle shavings over any dish.


Zach’s Croissant is off-the-menu but I’m pretty sure due to it’s vast popularity on Instagram, people are already aware of it’s existence. Fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside is what this croissant looks like. I didn’t actually sample any of this apart from a bit of scramble and of course the truffle, but I find it hard to imagine this being a bad dish.P1020222-2

This isn’t a very good photo of the Eggs Blini because it’s on the short end so it doesn’t display how ginormous this actually is. A huge buckwheat blini topped with king smoked salmon, two poached eggs, broccolini sauce mikado and salmon roe. It’s really, really filling as every ingredient sans the broccolini is extremely rich in flavour. I was feeling a bit sick towards the end but I pushed onwards, intent on finishing it as it was too good to let it go to waste.


For some reason, Robert wasn’t full afterwards so he got a muffin. I’m not sure if this is called a Magic Muffin as that generally seems to refer to their Nutella muffin. This one has matcha and chunks of strawberry inside.


Fail innards shot but just to illustrate my point, literally chunks of strawberry! It’s also not sweet at all and I’m definitely in love with the colour scheme.


Mum is leaving Sydney soon after what must be her longest stint here. Yeah, stint, it’s almost like she’s in prison because she’s doing all the cooking and the cleaning at home! I’m seriously so blessed to have a mum to come and look after me a few times a year. Anyway I digress, brought her to Devon so that she could finally try the Ultimate Toastie. This needs no introduction but basically, sour dough, lots of cheese (I think of the gruyere and pecorino variety plus lots more), a medley of mushrooms (enoki, portobello maybe and definitely shiitake) and a big pile of truffle shavings and chives. Two fried eggs on the side complete the dish.


The presentation quite differs to what it looked like last year and I’m really quite liking it. It’s the most indulgent thing on the menu and finishing up one of these would definitely leave you at explodey point but it’s great for a once in a while treat. Definitely get it while you still can!


I’m actually a huge fan of Devon’s bruchetta which is one of their understated dishes I find. I really liked their Spring/Summer edition which was goats cheese and beetroot and avocado (kind of looked like a radioactive piece of toast), and this is their Autumn/Winter one? I’m not too sure about my seasons in relation to this meal but anyway. I love it because there’s a really thick spread of eggplant (somehow isn’t bitter like baba ganoush is), the fried chickpeas and the almonds are a nice touch. I was feeling particularly starved this time so I got two poached eggs with it as well. Gotta have my protein after all.

Anyway that’s my Devon post for now. There will probably be many more to come as it’s still one of my favourite cafes.

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  1. the blini is the bomb!!! freakin love that dish!

    1. It’s so good hey! I loved it, even though I found it a bit overwhelming in the end. The salmon dishes at Devon are always on point.

  2. Mmmm ultimate toastie! the muffin is an interesting combo

    1. It was a really light muffin considering I was expecting something like the other Nutella ones they have that are bursting with richness.

  3. […] point of ordering. There aren’t many amazing brunch items with mushroom as the hero, aside from Devon’s Ultimate Toastie, but this is one I would recommend and order […]

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