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You know you’re a Type A couple when you and your other half are both sick the night before yet cannot stop talking about the 7.30 am gym date the next day like it’s God’s gift to a Thursday morning. Gym time is irksome at best (until you’ve actually finished the session and you feel a million bucks) but when you’re sick your mind is like a GPS system with only one possible destination: bed. But like a couple that hates to lose we both wake up ridiculously early on our respective sides of a city in what I assume were equal states of disarray. I’m not sure what he looked like while we were on the phone but it was 7.10 am and I was still in pyjamas, cuddling a box of tissues for my nose that had been running for miles. A sizeable pause in our phone conversation broke the onslaught of our new secret language (made up of a series of coughs and sniffles), and I just knew something had to give.

“If neither of us are feeling up to the gym, it’s probably okay”.

“I am glad we are both in the same mind about this”

In Type A vs Type A world, it’s totally okay if you lose as long as the other party loses too. Smell you later gym, when I can actually smell something. But since we were up anyway we decided to reschedule exercise into breakfast, that’s totally the same thing right?


The reason I am sick is because it was unbelievably cold yesterday and I was unbelievably underdressed. I had actually come by Autolyse for a baguette ($2) and the smiling waiter had no clue how insane the wind was outside as all they were getting indoors was the copious amount of sunlight let through by their giant glass windows.

Autolyse. It sounded like an enzyme for a car to me, but after some research I found out that it’s actually a pretty established bakery in Canberra. I had always admired the open space and minimalism, making it the perfect location for photos even if my resting bitch face tells you otherwise. The baguette was great, hence why we’re back the next day to try some of their more substantial menu items.


Eilxrrr recently posted her trip here and the seafood bouillabaisse had caught my eye. Soup is always my go to when I’m feeling under the weather and being seafood I knew it would please me. It’s really light as you would expect of a soup like this but the seafood rounded it off well with that tomato-y base that everyone loves. For $14.90, it’s pretty reasonably priced as you get about four mussels, two prawns and quite a few pieces of salmon. The familiar sight of the same baguette I had bought yesterday makes me happy and works as the substantial carb component to this dish.


Close up. I love the little vegetable chunks of carrot and celery as well.


photo by Robert

While our personalities are quite in line, our idea of a good breakfast could not be further apart. It’s not that I don’t love a good french toast ($14.90) (and from my small sampling of this dish, it was good french toast), but as a Malaysian I have a real anything goes approach to my meals. Curry, noodles, cake? All good breakfast options to me. This was great because of the fluffiness of the brioche while the tangy yogurt cuts through the heady amount of sugar there was on top.

Waking up early is a drab for everyone, but even in my half asleep stupor I can’t help but start to think of what I want to have for breakfast. This is usually why I am often up by 6.30 am and in bed well before 11 pm. Once you’ve had dinner, what else is there to do but sleep? If this doesn’t work then get yourself a seriously competitive partner. Last one out the door loses.

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  1. This was one of my fav brunch/people watching spots when I was working in town. Shame it got closed down. Your photos (esp La Bouillabaisse, my go to meal here) and wonderful words got me all nostalgic. Thanks…I guess.

    1. I really really liked the space as well. The wide windows made it even more spacious and the outside courtyard of Central Park was really pretty to look at too. I’m not sure what Autolyse in Canberra is like or if it’s still running, but I think it’s worth checking out if you miss it. Thanks for the kind words!

  2. You are welcome Ya, loved the light filled and spacious interior of the place. Just checked on their website looks like the shop in Canberra is still running. Might become one of the (few) good reasons to visit the capital. :p

    1. Let me know if the Canberra site is any good!

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