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Anberlin 2011, Manning Bar

I am so stoked for Anberlin on Sunday! Ignore the MySpace-esque graphic above I hastily put together with Photoshop. I’ve never actually taken proper photos at an Anberlin concert (are you allowed to bring a camera into concerts?) so it’s always been with a camera phone or an old iPhone, but these photos capture some of my best memories.

2011 was such a life-changing year for Elaine and I because that’s when we started uni. We were all bright-eyed and eager to make friends, and I remember how nerve-wracking it was going up to a bunch of strangers and trying to butt into their conversation about Anberlin vs Mute Math. Fast forward three years and two Anberlin concerts later, they’re the guys that Elaine and I always meet up with at Anberlin shows!

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Anberlin 2013, The Hi Fi

We unfortunately didn’t make it to Anberlin 2012 for some reason, but here’s a shot from Anberlin 2013 at The Hi Fi. That was such an amazing night because we also had to moonlight between going to the concert and going to our friend Chloe’s 21st at an art gallery in Chippendale. Everything worked out spectacularly though, from being in Harajuku Swag for the Anberlin concert to Phil, bless his soul, who came to pick us up after the concert.

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anberlin 3
This weekend is special because it will be the last time I will see Anberlin in Sydney, possibly ever as this is their goodbye tour. In conjunction with this they’ve launched their final album ‘Lowborn’ which I am totally not ecstatic over because of its name.. It’s actually quite a loud and angry album which surprised me. I definitely prefer their ballads because Stephen Christian has a majestically elegant voice. I won’t pretend that I know a tonne about singing but his voice is quite high especially for a male vocal and has this ethereal quality to it, like he’s singing in church in a choir of one.

Am I gushing a lot like a fifteen year old here? Although I didn’t quite develop alongside their sound, their presence on my iTunes for the past 8 years or so has been quite fundamental to my upbringing. Of all their songs though, the one that I will keep with me always is Inevitable. I’ve blogged and even vlogged about it but Inevitable is going to be my wedding song. It encapsulates the innocence of my childhood, of a simple and pure love so I can’t imagine any other song being more appropriate. But I mean heck, right now, I can’t even picture myself going down the aisle let alone picture the unlucky person who’s going to be my life partner. But even if I can’t see a wedding in my minds eye I can hear this song in my head and I know that it will happen, even if I end up doing a Sue Sylvester and marrying myself.

I’m pretty bummed that Elaine isn’t going to make this last show as she’s away in Wagga Wagga. I am dragging Robert along though which will be quite exciting as this is his first real concert! The weather’s been awful and the both of us are a little sick but hopefully he’ll be as right as rain tomorrow (ha).

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