Sydney Fish Markets


Mum and I went on a real seafood frenzy over the past few weeks. From Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay to Sakana-Ya to ordering additional oysters to complete a three course meal at Sepia (post coming up soon) to even just the general fish-centric meals we cook at home. No sampling of Australian seafood would be complete without a trip to the Sydney fish markets. My advice to you is to go early before all the Asian tourist buses start arriving.

Left to right: boiled king prawns, and oysters from Peter’s, salt and pepper calamari and chilli and garlic lobster from Fish Market Cafe. The cold food was really fresh as you would expect from eating at the market itself and with little to no seasoning that taste of the sea really comes through. The salt and pepper calamari was excellent, I like how it’s only partially battered so you get more of a chewy texture. The lobster was great too but I can’t help but think that lobster can only be done justice if it’s cooked Chinese style.

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I told mom I wanted a tourist photo so we took this at an island of the intersection in front of the most colourful display. It was a really great day weather-wise after the horrible daily downpour we had been getting.

Scarf: From Istanbul

Sunglasses: Chanel

Blazer: Uniqlo

T-shirt: Jonathan Liang for Uniqlo

Shorts: Banana Republic

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