Cobar – Mount Grenfell

A huge proportion of the trip was mainly spent hanging out with Robert’s family. But we did go out sometimes and on one of these days we drove to Mount Grenfell. It’s a relatively short drive of about an hour.


Everywhere we drove, roads look like this, never ending and without a car in sight.


The Australian wilderness is an interesting place. It felt like everything around us was either green or orange. Mount Grenfell might be one of the closest tourist destination spots but we saw one other group of people the entire time we were there. When you think about how it compares to other more known tourist places like the Blue Mountains, with every square metre covered by an Asian with a DSLR, it really puts it into perspective how few people there are out here.



I’m probably the only one who thinks this but doesn’t this clump of trees remind one of a chocobo forest?


P1020731-11 Besides the never ending grass and red sand, is also the site of many old Aboroginal paintings on the wall.



And this is Robert taking a photo of the floor.



A lot of boarders I lived with in high school were from very remote parts of rural NSW and contrary to what us city folk might think, they still absolutely loved the country, evidenced by the fact that a lot of them went back and went to study at universities closer to home. I wouldn’t say Mount Grenfell was a phenomenal experience but I definitely appreciated having gone there to have a look. This and the overall visit to Cobar has definitely informed me of what rural living is like, even if it’s not quite my thing.

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