Outfit: Snakeskin


Whenever I see the word snakeskin, I think of the awesome Bowling for Soup song about the 80’s. I’m not usually partial to animal prints but this drape-y cape/shirt was a crumpled mess that caught the right amount of light making the fabric shine like the sun. The fact that I got it for about 30SEK/MYR13/4.7AUD at the Swedish Fashion Bloggers market really reaffirms the fact that all that glitters really is gold, cheap, cheap gold.


Spiked hairband – From Korea

Top – Zara

Jeans – Topshop

Shirt – Thrifted but it’s Weekday

Boots – ECCO


Literally vibrating on the spot in excitement when I think about summer and how I will flounce about in white clothing and this shirt, flowing in the wind making me look like a crazy, sunburnt moth.

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