Three Cheers to The Iconic

P1020495-1Three hours is the maximum amount of time it takes for an Iconic package to arrive at your front door if you pay for express shipping. I made the purchase just before a Civil Practice tutorial and spend the entirety of my one hour tute in a mixed state of euphoria and anxiety. Euphoria because I will be united with my new clothes in a few hours. What is this sorcery? Shopping and shipping within a few hours is the way of the future, it’s the epitome of multi-tasking for shopaholics around the world, it’s I don’t even. The logistics escape me about as much as religion does but I’m happy to go in on this with my hand on my heart and unrelenting faith And then there was anxiety that it would arrive home before me and end up getting dropped off at the post office thus making the shipping redundant. I ended up beating it by about fifteen minutes, jittering in my seat on the pavement waiting for any sign of the Mr Courier Man. If I had a tail it would be spinning like helicopter blades. Thankfully all went according to plan and Sam and her shopping purchases lived happily ever after.


I bought a couple of things, this being one of them. Ladakh’s Sassy Neoprene crop top makes me feel like half ninja, half skulking house cat in these baggy print trousers I got from Korea aeons ago. The top is a great fit for me because neoprene is stretchy deliciousness. I especially love the long ass cord attached to the zipper down the back, enabling even the most uncoordinated of us to wear this top without assistance.


Top: Ladakh from The Iconic

Pants: From Korea

Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Oven burn: Model’s own

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