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 I first got wind of the new 3WC menu from the ever reliable, ever punny Isaac from ifat23. The prospect of wagyu narnies, duck narnies and mushroom narnies had me lying awake for so many things, readers, these are most definitely a few of my favourite things. So one morning when I couldn’t stand it any longer, gathered my usual dining partner who insisted on an early AM breakfast. Upon arrival I found out to my absolute horror that narnie’s are not available till 11.30 am. D’oh.

To be optimistic about it, I would never order anything else but narnies so this was a good chance to try some of the other things on their menu.


Photo by Robert

I can’t actually remember what this is, my failing memory is one of many things that make me a bad food journalist. If I had to hazard a guess I would say this is their corn fritters with pork sausage and potatoes. Part of why I don’t remember this is because I didn’t have any but I remember Robert being very content with it.

P1020468-2The scent of truffle is like a pheromone to foodies. As the waitress brought it closer to our table, the smell got stronger and my heart began to palpitate profusely. Upon arrival it looks like a standard fried mushrooms on toast type deal but Three Williams really elevated it with the feta cheese on the side and of course the truffle balsamic. My bread was a little burnt and though it didn’t affect me too much I would’ve liked them to re-toast a fresh piece of bread. You can’t just hide it under a pile of equally black mushrooms, guys!


I love early morning starts, but we’ll definitely be back at a more reasonable hour for the new narnies. Hopefully this blog post gives you guys a little insight into what else Three Williams has on the menu which is a decent enough feed. And if not then let this be a PSA guys, narnies = after 11.30 AM.

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  1. the musrooms here are magical, more so between a narnie, so dont worry you didnt miss out TOO much!

    1. I wonder if the fillings are exactly the same! Hahaha thanks for making me feel better. Really craving some soft pillowy narnie good ness now though

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