My First Halloween


Photo by Flic Aulia

I’ve never really been one to celebrate Halloween. Malaysia might embody many American traditions but for this spooky celebration, we don’t go beyond Cartoon Network having back to back Scooby-Doo marathons. And while it’s kind of celebrated here in Australia, it often coincides with a busy exam period so I’ve never had a Halloween here either.


This doesn’t mean that I haven’t been looking on enviously over the years at the prospect of dressing up and getting free candy from my neighbours. Throwing on a socially acceptable all black ‘goth’ outfit and scampering over to my two favourite peoples’ home for free dinner isn’t quite going to recapture the childhood I lost where I could have been trick-or-treating but I like to think this is the adult way to celebrate Halloween.


Clockwise from the top: Sangria punch, Flic’s take on Raspberri Cupcake’s BlueBerry Swirl Cake with Lemon Curd Macarons, Smoked salmon and Dill Potato Salad, Nat‘s chocolate cupcakes and a Thai Beef Salad

Clearly we’re such good practical jokers that we manage to trick ourselves into even thinking that we are eating ‘salads’.


Our drink to dessert to substantial food ratio is way off, or way awesome depending on how you look at it. I’m really not into my alcohol anymore but this sangria is deliciously refreshing on such a hot night.


I challenged Flic about a month ago to making this blueberry vanilla cake with macarons and rose petal butter cream frosting. If she wasn’t already the undisputed dessert queen in our friendship circle, I’m pretty sure this confirmed it. The cake was slightly dense and not too sweet, making the light buttercream the perfect accompaniment. There are also chocolate cupcakes (pictured above) by Nat, somewhat calling my name but I try to refrain from actually OD-ing on sugar.


Fun Flic fact: She’s also made BSP’s Strawberry and Watermelon Cake in the past, which Elaine says was pretty spot on, even though at the time Flic had never even tried the original.


I came just after work so my meagre offering to the table are whatever fruits I could find, plus some cheese, some water crackers and a tub of duck pate. Excellent tag team effort by Nat and I and we created some semblance of a Game of Thrones platter sans a bloody mess to clean up after wards.


The rest of the night was spent bingeing on the remaining bits of food while watching episodes of Sex and The City. We cheers to Halloween, to exams, to boys we love to hate, to French diet shopping, but most of all to liberation. Halloween is the night for free spirits amirite? I’ll see myself out.

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