Outfit: Meow, meow

Looking into someone’s wardrobe is like looking into their soul. The same way Simba looked to the clouds for advice from his dead father, looking at the the content, the structure and the organisation of one’s clothes are all tell-tale signs of who you really are. One ballerina sock says she wants to relive her childhood again but has lost part of herself, exactly half. Plastic floral rings says this false front of grandiose hides a shy wallflower. Everything in a constant state of disarray says my mom has not been back for awhile. But brand new cat stockings from Japan left forgotten at the bottom of a drawer, they say: mate you seriously need to throw some stuff out.

Photo Oct 16, 9 38 08 AM (1)
These cat socks were purchased on the recent trip to Japan with Kazz and Desmond. Kazz is one of the greatest enablers for ridiculous items while Desmond is highly apathetic to most girls’ shopping, unless I like, look fat or something. Together with them, I have completely lost count of the number of times we have stumbled into Don Quijote – basically the storage space for all manners of junk and majesty accumulated by the entire universe – and came out with giant sized Pocky, roasted chestnuts, umeshu in a box (the goon of Japan), ‘smart’ condoms and Playboy brand eyelashes. I am not 100% sure where I picked these stockings up but Don Quijote visit #4832948230 wouldn’t be a bad guess.

Photo by Robert Newey

A-line Jacket – From Japan
Top – Atmos&here via The Iconic
Skirt – Emoda official
Cat stockings – From Japan
Boots – $15 from Glebe Markets

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  1. cute look! especially the cat stocking, so cute <3


    1. Thank you! It’s not quite cold enough to be wearing stockings in Australia anymore so these cats might be hibernating till next year

  2. OMG those stockings are the cutest things I have seen on legs in a long time!

    1. Thanks Sara! They’re a little bit obnoxious for people who are private about their cat lady business. But it’s quite fun sometimes!

  3. You look super cute in that outfit! I’d like to get myself a pair of those cat stockings as well now!

    1. Hehe thanks! If you’d really like a pair I’m pretty sure they’re readily available in Chinatown or on eBay

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