Surry Gills

Quick post on this awesome little eatery in Surry Hills. While I have a lot of foodie friends and friends I’ve turned into foodies *cough*Robert*cough*, there are some that really don’t think food is a big deal. It sounds like that would be a deal breaker of a friendship for me but I’ve recently discovered that if I repackage the idea of eating nice food into ‘trying something new’, I can more often than not convince them to traipsing around the city in search of a cheap food thrills. Or maybe Gabriel just acquiesced to the fact that I would never join him on a Maccas/KFC run. This is the second in our series of Civil Practice Thursday lunches, Surry Gills.


Surry Gills is another small venue located up along Devonshire Street. I’d previously seen it before, drawn to its minimalistic and tasteful furnishings. It’s got elements of sea and voyage here and there but not obnoxiously so. The sailor tatto-esque logo on the wall is also a very, very nice touch in my opinion. I know, this far into a Surry Gills post and I haven’t made one single pun? I figured that iFat will eventually come try this place and knock any pun intentions of mine right out of the park so I’m not even going to try.


There’s a variety of things on the menu from the classic fish and chips to the more indulgent seafood chowder. However we opt to share the most extravagant looking thing on the menu, the Seafood Platter for Two ($40).


The platter comes with grilled white fish fillet, scallops, octopus, calamari rings, prawns and a generous basket of fries. All of it tastes really fresh. It also beats the common misconception of fish and chip shops that just batter everything up in grease and oil. It’s not a huge platter but at $20 per person for fresh seafood one can hardly complain. Sans the fries, I reckon I could make a really good attempt at finishing this off on my own. Ultimately though I love that I can get my seafood fix somewhere in the city that isn’t just the fish markets.

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  1. argh dying for that baby octopus!

    1. Baby octopi(?) are the best! Chewy and delicious little things. I even like the cold ones served at some Japanese restaurants (chuka idako or something)

  2. Do they have a fried version? lol

    1. I *think* they might have some battered fish! I’m not too sure as I didn’t take a photo of the menu. They just recently replied me though saying that they’re adding some new things so it’s definitely worth checking out.

  3. Whaaa…seafood platter for two for $40?! That’s insanely worth it 😀

    1. Yeah and it’s all quite fresh too! I think more seafood-centric places are needed in the CBD. No need to traipse over to the fish markets

  4. that platter looks pretty amazing! i want!

    1. So good, if you’re ever in that area you should try it!

  5. That platter looks pretty darn tasty!

    1. It was, I really wish I had it all to myself. And I’m usually someone who likes sharing food.

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