Burger Liquor Lobster

Cyberspace is weird. I sometimes feel a stronger connection with people I hardly see in person but I am constantly laughing at their funny statuses, reading their interesting blogs and partaking in our conversations online past my bedtime. The Internet… Continue Reading

Sushi Tengoku

I’ve pushed back writing about Sushi Tengoku for so long that this post is a compilation of something like four visits. So this means even more photos that I’m confident will leave you salivating all over your keyboard. Sushi Tengoku… Continue Reading

Matcha-cinnamon pull-apart bread

They call me Sam the Destroyer. I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve baked something that tasted good and was aesthetically pleasing as well. Which is why when I miraculously pulled off my recent rose-shaped… Continue Reading

Elaine’s 22nd Birthday at Cho Cho San

I visited Cho Cho San on the 14th of October for Elaine’s birthday dinner but October was quite a busy/big eating month for me so I completely forgot about the photos I took and the review I intended to write. Around… Continue Reading

Grabbing a Cold One at Ramen Ikkyu

This post goes back to another Thursday lunch break so I’ve dragged Gabriel along with me again on more food adventures. It was quite awhile ago though, so apologies if my memory isn’t clear! I really should learn to take… Continue Reading