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Cyberspace is weird. I sometimes feel a stronger connection with people I hardly see in person but I am constantly laughing at their funny statuses, reading their interesting blogs and partaking in our conversations online past my bedtime. The Internet is the new playground to be at, allowing you to enjoy silly, witty banter that fills you with the same exhilaration as your favourite swing set.

All these years I’ve been flying most of my writing and blogging endeavours solo. Tumblr did foster more of a community spirit but face-to-face interaction was largely with Elaine, who is my best friend anyway, who lived with me at the time anyway (Elaine and I both try to pretend that Sydney Tumblr meet up in 2010 didn’t happen). Even when I was trying out Nuffnang, there were few events I went to with Eilxrrr and I don’t think we made any new and lasting friends from attending them. So with a couple of half-hearted attempts yielding nothing, I decided that I preferred operating on my own just because I didn’t know where the cool kids were.

During this time I’ve also been a member of the Sydney Food Bloggers group. Mostly because I was also a ‘food blogger’ (if you count bad camera phone photos and equally uninspiring anecdotes) and to find out about new places to eat. I lurked until early this year when a number of really cool people started catching my eye. I was in Sweden at the time so reading about delicious food written by awesome-sounding people definitely exacerbated my FOMO. Not to diss anyone else but I was drawn to a few particular people for their dynamic writing style, their wit and their welcoming nature to anyone new to the group. Coming back to Sydney, I had no idea how to approach them but thanks largely goes to Isaac of iFat, one of the nicest guys in the game (who also has game) who brought me into the fold by organising this lunch I’m about to review.

TL;DR Samanthawxlow met iFat, I’m Still Hungry and “I’m Still” Steph for the first time at Burger Liquor Lobster. It was like a blind date except without the awkwardness or the *bats eyelashes* ‘Yes, I’m really full after half a bite. You can have mine’.

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Because there’s one tip I can give to you about eating with food bloggers it’s to abandon all abashedness and just freaking dig in.


Lobster Roll $15 – Salt and pepper lobster, lemon aioli chives, red onion, iceberg

The promise of lobster is enough to make any Asian’s heart skip a beat. Lobster is the king of shellfish and unless you have drastic allergies to it, I’d wager that you like it. Because I haven’t met someone who doesn’t love lobster. Burger Liquor Lobster (BLL) provides all shellfish based dishes for $15, burgers for $10 and liquor for $16. None of us drink. The London in Paddington isn’t the easiest location to get to for any of us but it sure beats the long trek to Manly, the other outlet.


Beef Burger $10 – Smoked tomato chutney, cheddar, onions, pickles, american mayo

The boys are splitting a beef burger because they’re OTP on top of their own lobster mains. I didn’t have any but am told it was quite decent.


Crab burger $15 – Crispy soft shell crab, chilli Singapore sauce, asian slaw

Isaac has this. There’s a few contenders for the ultimate soft shell crab burger in Sydney but we’re all fond of this presentation of the legs fanning out. The burger looks like it’s about to scuttle away, not that it would ever stand a chance against Super iFat.


Popcorn lobster $15 – Salt and pepper chunks, lemon aioli


Lobster roll (with lettuce) $15

I haven’t commented on the lobster meals thus far because they all basically involve the same deep fried lobster chunks. I was a little bit surprised at this, perhaps because I had anticipated something like Burger & Lobster’s lobster rolls. I got mine in lettuce because this was my second lunch. It kind of looks like a clamshell! When I did a similar lettuce sub at Burger Project, Philsosophy commented that it looked like a giant sang choi bao. I really enjoyed the crunch and the moreish-ness (stretching that foodie vocab a bit here) of the lobster pieces, although overall it was a little heavy on aioli.


Michael “I’m Still Cleaning” showing us up with his immaculate camera care practice

I hope you enjoyed reading a restaurant review that’s more content heavy. It’s not only a more enjoyable experience eating with people who also have a strong appreciation for food, but we definitely end up ordering a whole lot more so you readers are much better informed. I’ve since tackled a couple of other places too with the I’m Still Fat duo and also got to finally meet Amy Milktea and a whole host of other food bloggers. Expect those posts to be coming up soon!

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