Japanese Dreams


We ran to Japan for Christmas. I woke up in the early hours of 6 am to catch an afternoon flight with Malaysia Airlines. Flying is a weird feeling. Deep sleep usually escapes me and I find myself being kicked awake again and again by dreams meshed with reality. Each time I open my eyes it’s the same place but different because we’re crossing kilometres with each second. By the time we arrived the sky was pitch black, but everywhere around us danced and sparkled the way you would expect of a city that doesn’t sleep. This is Tokyo.

Tokyo is definitely my favourite city. Like an insect, I am drawn to its garish neon signs, the promise of small bites from a kombini and most of all to the quiet energy of the Japanese around me who have quick footsteps and quick heartbeats.


“- I like large parties. They’re so intimate. At small parties there isn’t any privacy” – The Great Gatsby

I like large cities despite professing myself to be an introvert. Being alone can sometimes be a wonderfully liberating feeling, and lonesomeness is never more profound than when your body is surrounded by 13.35 million people while your mind lies suspended in space.


Half of my Tokyo trip last year ended up being me, myself and I, a kink in my travel plans but one in which I learned a lot about myself in the end. Tokyo to me feels like one big party, in which every guest has (politely) informed me that I may participate or I may sit and watch, no problems. If you like the photos thus far, these were only taken at the airport, at a shack of a convenience store, prior to even stepping out into winter winds.


Japanese punctuality is no joke, I am scratching my head trying to figure out what they would do if there was unexpected traffic or road fixings or a bus breaking down. Those are the common reasons for buses never being on time in Sydney. Perhaps if your entire country runs like clockwork, these unforeseen circumstances are already taken into account somehow.

 P1030694-3 My fascination with Japan began at an early age. Much like everyone else I was very interested in anime and I also had a brief j-pop and j-rock stint. As I grew older, my appreciation manifested in different ways, such as developing an appreciation for Japanese cuisine beyond sushi, a vested interest in their way of life (I watched lots of documentaries), trying to pick up the language on my own a billion times and the final dream, being able to go on exchange to Japan and experience life as a high schooler. While most of the initial fandoms have faded, I find myself still completely enraptured by the culture, the people and the language. Japan 2014 is my third trip to Tokyo, first trip to Osaka and fourth trip overall to Japan. But there is still so much more for me to discover and learn here.

Sorry for the short post, I was hoping to cover more but we’re heading out to the Pokemon Centre now! I’ll be covering my Tokyo trip chronologically seeing as each day I am taking hundreds of photos, I don’t think I can collate them into a single post.

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  1. Sam you seriously have a gift for writing! Also absolutely adore your photographs. Hope you’re having a good summer! xx

    1. You are too kind Ming! I hope you have a good summer too. Let’s catch up when we’re both back in Sydney? Definitely been too long!

      1. I’m in Singapore for the year! Will you be visiting Sg?
        A catch up is definitely required!!

  2. I took my first trip to Japan last year and thought it was incredible. I’m digging your blog too…

    1. Thank you so much, I’ve said it a million times but it really means a lot to have people like my work. Japan is wonderful. It’s a hard country to understand or to adapt to but I haven’t met a single person who hates it.

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