Cremeria de Luca

Quick weekend post on Cremeria de Luca which I went to almost three months ago when the gang a.k.a. grandmother and her sisters, came to the land down under. Contrary to old Asian lady stereotypes, my grandmother and her sisters are big eaters and do not shy away from dessert, as the below will evidence.


We came to Cremeria because we heard of the famous gelato burger. We got there primed and ready to order only to realise that they were all sold out. Oh noes!


Undaunted, plus hey there’s still ice cream right? We ordered eight scoops of the stuff, a mix of gelato and sorbet. To be perfectly honest with you I have completely forgotten what we had except that the chocolate gelato one was awesome and kicked the chocolate sorbet’s ass all the way back to Italy. Lime and mango were both also very refreshing but nowadays I think if I have to get creamy dessert food, I’ll usually stick to gelato and indulgent flavours to boot, like chocolate, vanilla and other calorie dense flavours. Go hard or go home right?


Kind of in love with this particular shot. It’s amazing that I got ANY shots at all considering how fast the wolf pack descends upon food. Also featured here is the chunk of Nutella and cream on top.


Arancino, a delicious Sicilian rice pyramid filled with Nutella and another side of cream


Obviously spoke to soon about getting in good food shots before people start eating. We didn’t even get an ooze shot! Because Chinese style of eating dictates that we must dissect everything into as many equal portions as there are people. Even if it’s a relatively tiny ball of rice, or perhaps especially so. We’re all about sharing with our meals.


Would I come back again? Probably to bring guests for some real deal authentic Italian gelato. Apologies if this post isn’t all too informative but check out Johnny Bhalla’s post over at Dessertified especially for the money maker gelato burger!

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  1. yum! Been wanting to try their Arancino!!

    1. My family LOVED it. Something something Asians and rice.

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