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Date night was Tuesday night this week and although I had my heart set on Belly Bao (and even waited 15 minutes till the supposed opening time) it was only later that I found out that they open from Wednesday to Saturday! Argh, silly me. A bit stuck on what to do we wandered for a bit until Robert cleverly suggests checking out the food stalls at Sydney Festival.

The festival’s primary focus is on arts and entertainment but with a movie booked for 7 pm, we’re just here for a feed. There were some people while we were there from around 5.30 – 6.30 pm but no where near as ridiculously packed as the Night Noodle Markets were, or maybe people were inside the respective indoor areas to watch a show. Anyway we’re both hungry and end up scoffing about five different things as dinner.


Le Mountain – Cheesesmith

Photo by Robert Newey

When I heard from Philsosophy that there was raclette in town my heart skipped a beat. My only memories of this magical Swiss invention are from the Borough Markets in London but every single visit saw me getting a serving of it. In London it’s melted Raclette cheese with the racler. Tuesday it seems is not a Raclette kind of day but I’m not too disappointed as Le Mountain – gruyere, comte and emmenthal – cheers me up instantly. Gooey, cheesy perfection is the middle name I’ve given to Le Mountain. I’ve tried these cheeses before on their own and know them to have quite a light flavour individually. But with their powers combined it’s like the Captain Planet of dairy! It’s also topped with a rosemary relish that’s a little sweet to battle off any sluggish sensations in your mouth for consuming three types of fat (or protein if you like) on top of carbs.

It was heartbreaking to hear about the fire that happened at Porteno’s main store recently. Thankfully it was empty at the time (because they were here) so no one got hurt. If their spirits were dampened it certainly didn’t show, service was great and mostly efficient at the Double Down Diner at Sydney Festival.


Chilli Hot Dog – Porteno

Photo by Robert Newey

I’m no sausage expert as I don’t usually like hot dogs. This was quite nice although reminded me quite strongly of the hot dogs I used to get at Ikea in Malaysia, except maybe with a slightly better dog heh.


Southern Fried Chicken with Waffles – Porteno

Photo by Robert Newey

I was quite surprised when this was given to us as I expected a whole waffle and a whole chicken, not this thing which kind of looks like a salad. Upon first bite though, it definitely tasted to good to be resembling something healthy. I found the waffles a tad too sweet but that chicken had the perfect flavour!


Reuben Sandwich – Porteno

Photo by Robert Newey

I love me a good reuben sammich and this wasn’t bad at all. You can hardly go wrong with fried bread anyway.. I’m glad the sauerkraut layer was on the thin side as I’m not the biggest fan (usually using everything else to drown it out) but that’s up to you to decide if it’s a good thing or not. I also took out the pickles..    .I think I may still prefer the ones at Reuben & Moore which come super stacked with beef that eating it in its entirety will give you meat sweats. Yes from a sandwich.
Porteño on Urbanspoon


Nutty Professor – Gelato Messina

Photo by Robert Newey

Robert is almost calling it quits here but he can never really say no to Messina. We initially made the joint decision to get the lemon meringue pie but last minute fickle-ness caused us to change just as we were about to hand our dollars over. Surprisngly, this is not sweet at all. Which suited me fine as I was just reaching my comfortable food coma status (perfect for the movies!) but on any other day I may like it with a bit more oomph. This is pretty surprising as Messina doesn’t usually go easy on their flavours.
Gelato Messina on Urbanspoon

That’s it for our quick recap of the Sydney Festival! Let me know if you try any of the other stores or any of Porteno/Messina/Cheesesmith’s other offerings!

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  1. I wanna try that Le Mountain!!! Looks amazing!

    1. It’s so good Raff! Let me know if you end up trying it. They also have cheese platters and I think the other raclette is Le Grande?

  2. aw man i was dying to try le mountain but the cheesesmith stall was closed today!

    1. Wow that’s weird, considering there already aren’t that many stalls there. Now that you live in the CITYYY you can totally just pop by tomorrow or something to see if they’re there. Too easy!

  3. Loved the Nutty Professor! Also really enjoyed the Royale with Cheese and Not Chicken and Waffles from Messina!

    1. I didn’t get the last two because the boy ordered waffles from Porteno and was already struggling from the carb overload. I heard mixed things about the Royale but glad that you enjoyed it! I love how realistic it looks, like a real burger.

  4. Porteno stall is very overpriced!

    1. Festival stalls will always up the price compared to their reataurant fare to keep existing profit margins as stall hire is usually quite expensive. I was happy to pay for good food. I’ve also never been to their restaurant so I didn’t feel the burn haha

  5. Going to the festival this weekend! Definitely going to try the chicken and waffles and Cheesesmith.

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