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I just finished up a crazy weekend of work and am struggling to keep my eyes open as I type this I failed and did go to sleep on my laptop. The first week of February was so incredibly busy for me and the rest of the month stands to be that way so as a quick update, here’s what’s been on my Instagram lately, food-wise. I may do more in- depth reviews on some of these eating establishments soon so watch out for that.


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Smørrebrød from Edition Coffee Roasters – I’ve already done a review on Edition here but this photo of their open-faced sandwich is too stunning to not include in this list. Standouts there I thought were the coffee and oddly the authenticity of Scandi food for a fusion place.

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Truffe burger from Mister Gee Burger Truck – I tracked Mister Gee down a few weeks ago when I coerced my cousin Adrian and Robert to take me all the way to Burwood, 45 minutes before the truck opened. In the words of iFat “If you don’t like it Sam, please lie to me”, but luckily no deceit need take place.This burger has gotten so much hype, and it is so real guys. This is by far the best burger I’ve had in a long, long time and I’m not even sure where to pinpoint it’s excellence. A great bun, a great patty and just a tremendous amount of flavour. It doesn’t matter if it’s at Burwood Car Wash or Timbuktu, I know bros who are planning on making the trip every week to try a different burger.

Mister Gee Burger Truck on Urbanspoon

Herb and cheese garlic loaf – This is actually Matchamon‘s little sister who’s not so little really after I pumped this loaf to the brim with cheese. Nearly the same recipe as the matcha counterpart and the exact same formation technique, the petals of the rose are definitely not as distinct because of the cheese overload. I made this for Australia Day (see below) and it was a phenomenal hit with everyone. I’ll put the recipe up if anyone is interested!

Australia Day – My first Australia Day since coming to Australia to further my studies. No barbies, VBs, meat pies or wild drunken behaviour was involved. Just general good times with some good folks and a teensy bit of Just Dance Now!

Pocky cake – It was Robert’s birthday recently and since we ended up calling off dinner, I had to up my cake game for our little gathering that we ended up having with a few friends. This Pocky cake has nothing on the original version that I was inspired by and the pound cake innards were definitely way too dense but hey at least it’s a cake for photos!

Brooklyn Boy bagels – After hearing about the B Boy’s bagels for years we finally caught up to them at the Brewery Yard Markets at Central Park last week. I wish Robert got a plain bagel or one of the savouries because that’s more my jam but this cinnamon and raisin one was still pretty awesome! Their bagels are slightly dense with a lot of chew but just the right amount of softness so it’s not like eating granite. I don’t believe you can get them like this often in Sydney. I personally find it hard to track the Brooklyn Boys down at markets locations but they do stock them at Bowery Lane and David Jones in the city if you guys are so inclined to have some bagels. Our David Jones pillage weren’t as fresh as the ones we got from Brewery Yard but word on the grapevine is they’re really trying to fix that.

Purikura – I had a catch up dinner with Vivian recently at Goro’s but the highlight of the night was definitely nostalgic purikura times after dinner. Vivian is good mates with the manager so he helped us pick out a good machine and get the best settings for us. Was personally pretty relieved that this particular machine wasn’t going to do anything weird to our eyes and thankfully we’re pasty Asians but not to the point of albino. Our new tagline is #WheresMyTsukune, a reference to the lack of raw egg at Goro’s.

Fish markets – Despite living relatively close to the fish markets, this is only the second time I have gone since I moved to the area. Made a silly wrong turn at the traffic lights and it turned out to not be such a short trip after all.. Anyway this was our spread for just two people. As much as I love sashimi, it’s this calamari on the right from the Fish Market Cafe that I have dreams about. A great mix of crunch and chew, absolutely an all-star dish!

Fish Market Cafe - Sydney Fish Market on Urbanspoon

Vic Meat Market – Also at the fish markets now is Vics, which has anything but fish but you’ll be glad for it because their meat is incredible. They’ve got a ginormous smoker which is flipping out burger patties and other pull meats, a wagyu bar where one of the staff can plate up some of their super quality meat and then there’s the meat fridge where you can buy some to take home. We’ve bought some and tried to cook some already and even with our nooby cooking skills, I think we did a top job. Really goes to show that good quality ingredients are everything.

Vic's Meat Market on Urbanspoon

And that’s basically what I’ve been up to. I still have lots of drafts and ideas in the pipeline that probably won’t be as restaurant review-centric as we haven’t been eating out much as of late (ignoring all of the above). At the moment I’m just trying to squeeze out as much of summer and relaxation time as I can before semester kicks in in a few weeks, eep! Drop me a comment if you have any suggestions on fun things to do in Sydney this month!

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  1. You know what’s sad about the otherwise awesome recap? I didn’t feature in any of them. Whatever will be, Sam? Whatever will be?

    1. Isaac pls. When are you free next? Let’s be (i)fat together

  2. So many good places on this list to check out that I’ve yet to have & feel likewise with the approaching semester looming not far off the horizon.

    Make the most of the time left 🙂

    1. Ahhh don’t remind me about semester. My stomach, wallet and time cannot compete with ten new restaurants opening in Sydney every week.

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