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Hello. March has been ridiculous for me. At work one of my major projects was taking off for a client which meant I actually had to do work and even stay back a couple of times instead of blogging in the office like I usually do. Kidding. Hello esteemed colleagues . At uni, we’re kicking into assignment season which means late nights, early mornings and hastening the development of a caffeine dependency. I told a close friend of mine about my new study tactic of power napping on the floor of my study to minimise the temptation of sleeping in. He called me a loser. Without further ado, here are some of the highlights of March for me based on my Instagram feed. As usual L->R:

“SAM LOW” Nike Air Max 90s – Christmas came late for me in 2014, three months give or take. These are from Robert who via some great connections in the US managed to get me a pair of custom made Nike’s which I cannot lie, were heavily inspired by Kenza. Yes, all white shoes are equal parts ridiculous and ridiculously sexy. The first time I wore them out, I walked back home within three minutes because of the clouds looked like impending rain. My second attempt saw me spilling a drop or two of my green smoothie that had opened up in my bag onto the laces. Worst day of my life. Until I make the trip to get a pair of sneaker spray, these are now just very cool and very expensive bedroom slippers.

Knäckebröd råg med tomat, avokado, “skinka” och ost – Proud that my ability to string a sentence together in Swedish with Google Translate hasn’t waned. Part of my care package from Jordan in Canada were my absolute favourite Swedish crispbreads. They are quite dry, resembling and tasting like cardboard but whether it’s truly Stockholm Syndrome or not they are my favourite crackers to have snack toppings with.

“Cho Chang dressed as Harry Potter” – is my excuse for not actually donning a short jet black wig and long-ish pants. Work had our annual offsite last week at the (ex) Quarantine Station in Manly. Now a resort/hotel accommodation, Q Station is still as creepy as it sounds as part of its draw is a ghost tour that highlights paranormal activity. In hindsight all that spookiness probably made for really good bonding amongst the team. In particular, Spandas and I ended up bunking in the same bed together despite having an entire cottage to ourselves because safety in numbers right?

Kazuo Ishiguro novels – March isn’t a particularly celebratory month for me but here is another gift from the good guys at Allen and Unwin. I randomly took part in one of their Facebook competitions and won myself both Ishiguro’s latest novel and the one that propelled him into mainstream success “Never Let Me Go”. I haven’t book blogged in awhile either so expect to see reviews on these on the blog soon.

Playing with food – Contrary to popular belief, I’m not always eating extravagant meals at home or out. On busy days, one can probably find me exiting the new Asian grocer at Central Park (my new second home) munching on snacks as “lunch”, getting seaweed all over my face. Eggs and avo are pretty basic but I make do with it as best I can. I’m still a strong advocate of mindfulness when eating so I do get up earlier so I can be meticulous about food prep.

“Match soy latte” bircher muesli – In that same line of thought, I’m always trying to sneak matcha into my food. Matcha is honestly like catnip for Asian foodies. So many times I’ve caught a whiff of my precious mini container of the green powder and have been so tempted to just spoon it into my mouth, knowing that it’s bitter as hell on it’s own. The aroma of good quality green tea beats any coffee.

I injured my leg, have some socks – Had a bit of a mini freak accident at one of the most benign gym classes ever bar yoga and ended up spraining my ankle. I figured I’d be up and about in a couple of days but went to a physiotherapist just in case. As it turns out I couldn’t really walk for the next 3-4 days without hurting my left foot or heavily tiring out my right. Over a week later, I’m still getting exercises in mobilisation for my ankle and am just learning how to balance on one leg again. Moral of the story is never underestimate an injury. P/s if you just fell irrevocably in love with my sushi socks, I got them from my friend Emily over at Wanting Socks.

Chopped off my hair and gave it a new hue – Long hair is something I don’t know how to do. Especially on flat hair days, I feel like a cocker spaniel with two long ears dangling from the side of my head. After cutting, hair is currently now shoulder length. As addictive as chopping lengths of hair off is, I’m hoping to keep it to thereabouts length in case I have a sudden need to grow it long again, which will probably tomorrow. I’m growing to love the colour though! Selfies will populate Instagram soon.

Insta-met lots of foodies – My Instagram game in the last 6-8 months has been pretty amazing. I’ve met a lot of cool people who share my interests in food. Last Sunday was the biggest meet I’d ever been part of and also the earliest I’ve ever woken up and gotten out of the house for food. It was a little overwhelming with mini-Sam at a bit of a loss on how to social adequately with everyone. But as one Julia Child once said “People who love to eat are always the best people” and I’m happy that it all went pretty well! Some would say extraordinary too with this gift I got from the sweet and talented Jess (@jess.xv.v), a jar of matcha custard. What did I say about foodies and matcha?

Despite the stress wave that’s about to hit, I’m still feeling pretty good. I’ve said before that social media acts like rose-tinted glass, only showing you the pretty bits of life. But these images aren’t fabricated, these gorgeous experiences really are part of my life. Looking back at these photos makes me realise that I’m really grateful for where I’m at right now.

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