Edition Coffee Roasters: Part Two

Edit 14/4/2015: The guys behind Edition have contacted me personally to say that based on my photos, the dishes I was served were “definitely not up to our standard”. Just wanted to flag it to everyone who’s still interested in visiting Edition, they seem very receptive to feedback so I’m sure this won’t happen again. Ps. Get a Danish when you’re there!

Photo Apr 10, 10 42 50 PM
Photo by Jeff

Both times I visited Edition I came by cab, if that’s any indication as to how much I value being able to eat here. The first time was the result of weeks of sulking because we kept making and breaking plans to go. The second recent trip I was running late, my dining partner was already waiting and the prospect of good food after such a great first visit made me impatient. I’m describing the context so that maybe you can understand why  I was so pleased with my first trip and then so disappointed with my second trip.

Photo Apr 10, 10 42 52 PM
Photo by Jeff

I really hardly, if ever, write negative reviews. And then a post like this comes along. So before I get called out for being a hypocrite, everyone who knows me knows how much I don’t just love food, I have a lot of respect for the industry. See posts here and here. In the past I have also chastised people for giving bad comments on Facebook. Note the distinction between a bad comment and a negative comment. A bad comment is ‘Food tastes like shit’, a negative comment is ‘I found the bread too dry’. I’m trying to do one better with a constructive opinion.

Photo Apr 10, 10 42 54 PM
Photo by Jeff

For the unaccustomed, check out these interior photos, Edition is pretty swankily Swedish. That chic level of minimalism that says “I’m basic but basically expensive” aka not Ikea. Service this time round was great, which isn’t to say it was bad before, this was just exceptionally good. Ordering food and getting served drinks took no time at all. Food took a little bit longer than we anticipated, with my cousin stating out that the table behind us had gotten their food before us. I quelled his thoughts by pointing out that ours was hot food while the other table’s meals only needed assembling. Adrian gets the mushroom pond while I get the eggplant. This was what arrives:

Photo Apr 06, 11 39 17 AM

Mushroom Pond ($12)

The aesthetics are not only appallingly dissimilar to the photo posted on Edition’s Instagram page, it still didn’t look anything like what other | patrons | have | had on their trips. After such a great first trip though, I was still positive that it would taste good even if it didn’t look good. I was sadly mistaken. The mushroom cream according to my cousin lacked any depth of the earthy flavour, going so far as to say it looked and tasted pretty much like sour cream. The mushroom portion is paltry, we have here one mushroom cap and a slice of an oyster mushroom. Udon is springy so that’s a good plus but the broth is so light as to be bland and stirring in the “mushroom” cream does little but to create floaty tasteless white bits in the soup. Overall it’s also a really small portion. It is definitely worth mentioning that Edition’s prices as far as Sydney brunch goes is very affordable, but it seems to come at the cost of a substantial meal.

Photo Apr 06, 11 41 29 AM

Japanese Eggplant ($12)

My eggplant breakfast fits spaciously on my palm, and I have small hands. This is a little -stress- *little*  slow roasted eggplant topped with miso, sesame, sour cream, panko breadcrumbs and crisp vegetables. The flavours on this thing are quite good, where sour cream this time actually works to create a contrast to the savoury notes and tone down salty miso. I love the crisp vegetables on the top, and although the description does not mention this I think it’s also stuffed with cubes of beetroot? So portion is arguably the only thing that I have beef with in this vegetarian dish, but when it’s that tiny, it’s not an insignificant factor. I wish I took a comparison shot with a coin or something, this dish was probably slightly larger than a canape.

Adrian also had a pot of tea. The disappointment of our meals led to us completely forgetting we wanted a Black Star Pastry hot cross bun on the way out. I for one was definitely more focused on obtaining second lunch. Edition, I want to love you. I really, really do. I’ve defended the smørrebrød  so many times I’m the appointed mayor of rye town. I’ve also lived in Sweden and Japan before so you and I aren’t so different. As it stands I think I’d still come back for some of that amazing coffee and grab a takeaway umeboshi Danish. But after this experience, I’m not sure I’m going to give their Autumn menu another try. Maybe if I shop my photo of the mushroom pond hard enough and get enough resulting likes on Instagram, I can convince myself that it wasn’t that bad. Maybe.

Photo Apr 10, 10 40 43 PM

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  1. your quibbles with their food mirror ours when we visited. Bland. small portions (on top of the just frankly blah food – that soggy brioche was a write off) that necessitated a second lunch. There’s plenty of great cafes in sydney that do great eating lunches for the price.

    1. I can’t remember which soggy brioche you were talking about. I genuinely had a good first visit, but this second trip was terribly bland. I don’t eat much and I left extremely hungry. I imagine most guys would have to smash 4-6 servings before getting anywhere close to full.

      1. lol 4-6 servings? $48-72 bucks? … ha ha ha. just yikes! the soggy brioche was mentioned in our review. the smorrebord is the one that got attention as its the one I mentioned on SFB. read this: http://www.jugernauts.com/breakfast/edition-coffee-roasters-darlinghurst/ #facepalm

  2. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience Sam, considering I hyped it up for you. Hopefully they get enough feed back from others and make the necessary adjustments!

    1. Not at all! I was wanting to try the new menu since they announced it. I’m glad you had a positive experience. And I hope they do because they really have such a good thing going for them with the whole Nordic-Japanese cuisine.

  3. Such a shame that it wasn’t good! I’ve heard such good things about this place and have also seen great photos, just shows that some places get too hyped up at the beginning and lose their shimmer!

    1. I was quite disappointed with my experience, but on the upside was very surprised and pleased that they acknowledged my feedback and reached out to speak to me. Not many places take constructive criticism.

      I hope you’ll still give it a shot. I am just one minority opinion after all! If they weren’t so far away, I’d make it my go-to coffee spot.

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