Surry Hills Eating House: Part 2

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I think Surry Hills Eating House is one of the best Thai restaurants in Sydney. A big call especially in a city with an abundance of Thai restaurants but once you filter out the noise that is takeaway pad thai, a few gems really stand out. This was a trip quite awhile ago back when my extended family came to visit last year. But in light with Sujet’s new cook book Spice I Am, I figured it was time to post this revisit post! See my first visit post.


Kuay Teow Pak Mor – Minced pork and spring onion and peanuts wrapped in rice paper steamed and served in broth ($12)

I can’t really attest to this since I didn’t have any but there weren’t any complaints at our table. Note the silky soft texture of the kuay teow, it looks like a really thin cheong fun actually.


Yum Sam Grob – Spicy salad of crispy cuttle fish, fried fish maw, roasted cashew nut, brown onion, cherry tomatoes and Chinese celery ($16)

Encore performance of one of my favourite salads ever. This is such a well-tossed dish that every mouthful is brimming with sweet-saltiness. If you have never tried fried fish maw, *now* would be a really good time to start.


Gai Pae Sa ($18) – Chinese Phuket steamed chicken, steamed fresh water spinach, ginger rice wine sauce an chilli ginger dipping sauce.

As mentioned in the earlier post this is one of the softest poached chicken dishes I’ve ever had. My family of fantastic chefs too thought this was a fish based dish. This is very similar to Hainan chicken except that the sauce is a lot more flavourful and heartier.


Gaeng Kiew Wan Nu – Green curry slow cooked beef served with roti ($24)

This is not your average green curry, there is so much more depth to this that I’m sure goes beyond a basic green curry paste. I think this would be absolutely perfect winter as the spices are really quite pronounced and would definitely warm bellies. This is a good safe option to order with less adventurous dining partners.


Kanom Jeen Set – Thai fermented rice noodle, fresh green vegetable, served with southern smooth curry fish (nam ya phuket) and smooth mung bean and sweet and sour curry (nam Prik) ($22)

This should need no introduction at this point, kanom jeen set is what started my love affair for anything with banana flowers. The noodles are dipped into one of two types of curries then topped with any amount of toppings provided. While the curries are still quite hearty, this is probably more for summer and kind of reminiscent of tsukemen style ramen with all the dipping.


Taro with durian coconut cream – Steamed Taro with durian coconut cream ($10)

I obviously stay an arm and a leg away from anything durian because I’m a terrible Malaysian but my aunts descend upon this like vultures to a carcass and are giddy with the strong durian taste. Proceed with caution if you are a durian novice but as long as you aren’t opposed to the taste and are huge fans of taro, I think this could be the surprise crowd favourite.

I haven’t gone through all the recipes in Sujet’s book yet but just by flipping through the pages, everything looks amazing. I actually got this for “my mom”, a sneaky way to justify the purchase of a shocking pink book while also guilting her into making banana flower fritters. Banana flowers. Have I said it enough times yet? Check in to Surry Hills Eating House to get a feel for the food then check out his new book at Kinokuniya to replicate the dishes in your own home.

Not a sponsored post. Book and every meal at SHEH has been paid with our own money. I’m just a big fan of Sujet’s endeavours.

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  1. This looks amazing! I’ve always passed this place on the way to work and never knew what it was. Definitely have to try it out now!

    1. I’m planning a trip next week to bring all my relatives. I definitely recommend it. Might be a little daunting as the menu is quite foreign compared to your local Thai fare but it’s definitely worth exploring.

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