Devon Cafe Brunch 2015

So I eat at Devon a lot. My mom jokes that the frequency in which I go combined with how adamant I am about bringing visitors here must mean I have a share in the business. But quite frankly, I know I’m not the only one who goes often judging by the familiar faces I always see when I’m there myself. Especially if you’re stuck on what to eat, Devon is always a safe and reliable bet. And I don’t mean poached eggs and toast reliable, it’s still a cafe known for really hearty and innovative dishes. God knows how many Breakfast with Sakumas I have had since coming here in 2013, but I have never had a problem with portion or taste or quality. Needless to say this is where I always bring my family because it is a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Photos from this post are from a culmination of visits to Devon Cafe and Devon on Danks.

Devon Cafe


Miso grilled king salmon, smoked eel croquette, 63’ egg, radish petit salad & kewpie mayonnaise – $25

When I imagine Jacqui cooking in the Devon kitchens I have this weird mental image of the extreme ping pong rallying like this one, because no matter how many times I order this dish it always comes out spot on with the flavour. I think consistency is sorely underrated at restaurants nowadays. No doubt it’s getting a little bit tiring hearing about X amazing dish at Y restaurant and then rocking up and it not living up to the hype. Devon always does! So no pressure guys but keep doing what you’re doing.


Have a close-up. You can see that 63′ egg trying to camouflage as a blob of kewpie but a Sakuma regular knows it’s hiding.


You know what’s coming guys.

P1030065-4Buckwheat blini, cured king salmon, salmon caviar, brocollini, sauce Mikado and poach eggs – $20

No matter how much I love my Breakfast with Sakumas I will always, always get food envy if someone else orders the blini. The sauce mikado is very heavy, delicious and moreish but I tend to push a little to the side as my cream tolerance very easily pushes me into feeling sick. Everything else however is perfection. Silky cured salmon bearing such quality redness I have yet to see at any other cafe, crunchy broccolini that you can’t see in the photo and topped with my life-long favourite ikura.

The following are new(ish) entrants to the Devon Cafe menu!

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Lamb sandwich – Slow cooked lamb, garlic confit, cheese, roasted capsicum, spinach, aioli with chips ($20)

One benefit of rocking up to Devon way past brunch time is getting to try menu items that are lunch only. This ridiculous lamb sandwich is one of them. There is so much tender lamb in it, topped with an adequate amount of vegetables (I could have more, green haters probably wouldn’t) and I don’t think the cheese needs a mention because look at that waterfall. Take note of the top of the bread too, extremely crisp, I wish I took a video of my running the fork along it so you could hear the grate and crunch. This is one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches I have ever had, it’s only a pity that it’s so large and my stomach so small that I could barely finish half of it.

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Ogre Burger – Crumbed ox-tongue, horseradish cream, kohralbi and fennel salad, pickled cucumber on brioche bun ($22)

If you loved the Ogre’s Happy Meal, you’ll love the Ogre Burger, it’s got almost all the elements of it except contained in a fluffy brioche bun. Robert ordered this and thoroughly enjoyed it. I think he *may* have preferred the happy meal because he says it’s lighter for breakfast, but we were there for lunch and ox tongue does not make anything light so I’m not sure what he’s on about (hater). I took a couple of bites of it and loved everything about it. It is plenty rich though especially with such a buttery brioche so I am so thankful for the fennel salad and yes even the pickled cucumber.

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Mini Da’Royale – Truffle sausage, pomme puree, Lamb’s fry, onion jus

Special thanks to Jacqui for this complimentary cute little mini da’royale sampler! Instant regret that I didn’t actually get this as a main because it’s so tasty. Jacqui pre-warned us that lamb’s fry is actually brain but I’ve eaten far worse haha and Robert is a good explorer so we lapped all of this up, almost licking the plate in the process. My favourite element has to be the truffled sausage, it’s got a really nice “clean” taste which makes it nothing like your average minced meat shoved into a tube type thing. If you eat it alone and pay close attention you can probably detect elements of the truffle as well.

Naked Bruschetta

Naked Bruschetta ($14.50)

This is possibly my favourite Devon dish because it is so incredibly light! It’s like a twist on the usual egg and avocado on toast with cubes of sweet and tangy beetroot and texture from the root vegetable slivers. That kale crunch though, phenomenal. I’d love to sprinkle that all over me right now please.

Devon on Danks

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Meat Board for Two ($47)

It’s never too early in the morning for meat sweats. I did my best to avoid the pork-suspects which really wasn’t that hard to do when you have fall-off-the-bone beef brisket to attack. The milk buns are crazy good with the smoked slow-cooked beans – yes those beans. I honestly can’t remember any cafe that’s ever served me anything but the canned stuff which always tends to be ridiculously sweet and to have an almost metallic aftertaste. Devon’s in comparison is hearty with levels of flavour. Who knew I’d be waxing lyrical abut baked beans at 8 in the morning?

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Yogi Bowl ($15)

I’ll be honest that this wasn’t my absolute favourite but I think it helped alleviate the guilt of eating so much meat so early in the morning. I loved the quinoa and the grains and most of the fruits, I just wasn’t particularly feeling the freeze-dried ones especially the banana that got delegated to me since Elaine and Flic both hate bananas. Don’t get me wrong, this was still very pleasant to eat, but in the grand scheme of “semi-health” foods I would gladly take the naked bruschetta over this. Or I might even be partial to try Devon Cafe’s Aphrodite’s Bowl instead.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Soft-serve in a waffle cone ($5) – mango pudding with crushed mak mak macarons

You can tell this was from awhile back because sadly, this isn’t on the menu anymore. Yet I will tempt you with stories about this soft-serve that was super refreshing for summer. I hazard to guess that the soft-serve flavour currently is the Thai milk tea which looks like something I could possibly get on with.

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MakmakxDevon mango macaron ice cream sandwich

Another one that’s no longer there, sorry guys! This was also part of the MakmakxDevon collab that happened a few months ago. II love anything mango flavoured so these last two desserts couldn’t have gone wrong with me but in general I always go chocolate > cake > ice cream for my sweets of choice.

Photo Apr 03, 12 36 58 PM

Ending with a bird’s eye shot of my Devon on Danks spread. So both Devon’s are devon-nitely great but you guys knew to expect that anyway didn’t you?

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  1. Devon is consistently good! even better on a weekday

    1. It’s less busy on a weekday and there are more options for lunch then too.

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