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Just when I was thinking it’d be cool to make these Instagram summaries a regular thing, I managed to skip a month in April. I’ll make up for it in June I promise, but here’s what happened in May.

Date night at Timezone/City Amusements – Robert and I are reliving my childhood and giving him a long overdue one by playing arcade games every now and then. Basketball is a pretty solid favourite as is FPS, the sillier the premise the better. I fell absolutely in love with the guitar game at Timezone (not guitar hero) because it had two really great Japanese songs that I’ve liked for a long time but then they got rid of the machine. So we’re going to cash our tickets in for a whoopie cushion or something and go solely to City Amusements in Market City from now on . I think it all started during our Melbourne anniversary trip (which I still haven’t written about), where I insisted we go to the Crown for the “kids casino” aka Galactic Circus which is a thousand times better than anything in Sydney because it only closes at 2 am. We finished the entire ビシバシチャンプ game, played a bunch of others and walked out of the place looking about as zombie-fied as all the other 5-7 year olds, possessed and addicted to the thrill of tickets.

As a kid I couldn’t wait to grow up so I could do all the fun things adults never let me do. I even remember this one daydream I had where I was an adult (I even imagined myself wearing what my mom was wearing a lot at the time at her interior design job) and it was 2 pm in Malaysia aka the hottest time of the day and I was on the see-saw because damn straight I could do whatever the heck I wanted. That was what adulting meant to me. While I haven’t quite abused my Malaysian playground rights just yet, I think throwing money down to toy grab Totoro plushies and smack mechanical alligators is pretty close to my childhood fantasy. Kid Sam is not disappointed. Incidentally we went again last night and after challenging Rob to Dance Dance Revolution, I realised how I really was way too old for this. A game has three dance rounds and these were the exact same routines I used to play at home on my own personal dance mat but I was so out of breath by the end of it T_T.

Brasserie Bread’s “Celebrate the Source” – May was reasonably good for food too because it was the tail end of my relatives’ trip to come visit me in Sydney. Separate to that though was this neat invite I got to Brasserie Bread’s night of celebrating their new single origin bread. Full post is up here. Definitely one to not miss if you’re as guilty as I am of wanting to live in a house made of carbs and cheese.

Mother’s Day at Toriciya – Mom was leaving a couple of days prior to mother’s day so I decided to drag her all the way to Cammeray for an early mother’s day dinner. Review post will be up soon but the tl;dr of it is that Toriciya has seriously awesome ootoro and uni despite its chicken skewer namesake. I mean the yakitori was alright and the clam soup wasn’t too bad either but damn that uni, spread it on toast please.

Gym Days – I’ve mentioned it before but ever since coming back from Sweden last year I’ve more or less managed to keep some semblance of an exercise routine. I don’t think I’m really “doing” anything in terms of setting firm goals and measuring the diameter of my biceps every week. But I enjoy the process of the workout (sometimes) and I think bumbling around in the gym every so often coupled with a few outdoor runs is what’s truly stopped me from turning back into the whale I used to be. Perhaps one day I can be a bit more serious about it exercise but at the moment I’m happy with what I’m doing. I don’t really get why in the last couple of years there’s been a huge influx of people who feel the need to tell (predominantly) girls to stop doing cardio and to solely lift weights. Strength training is good and all but cardio makes me feel amazing! I especially love swimming. So please don’t tell me to lift 1. I already do 2. Even if I didn’t, that’s my prerogative o’ internet warrior friend of mine 💁

Tokyo Vice – One of the best books I’ve read thus far is Tokyo Vice. I wrote a review about it here. It’s been rough, I’ll expound more on it later in this post. But I’ve been turning to books and other reading material a lot to keep me sane.

Interchange ending – View captured at Star Room, above the IMAX theatre. This was the location for our final night of Interchange which ended last week. It’s been incredible, I’m still trying to collate photos and content to do a proper recap. My team emerged as a finalist although we didn’t win overall. The best thing about Interchange is definitely getting to meet some truly amazing people. You know it’s a really great program when you aren’t just learning from the facilitators but from your peers too. This is what spurred me to start Humans of Interchange. I have a few interviews up here with Sam, Monchee and Lo. Do check them out!

Kim restaurant review – The eating never really stops on my end but I haven’t been posting too many restaurant reviews. My external hard drive is an elephant graveyard of food photos I’ve taken but have no plans on writing about. I really loved Kim the first time and again the second time so this was a post a specifically set out to do because I think they really do warrant more patronage. I’m even willing to shoot myself in the foot over this, their dining space is tiny so I’m probably even less likely to get a seat now if they get super popular.

Darkness – I mentioned a little in the preamble to my Tokyo Vice review that life has been interesting lately, to say the least. A lot of stuff came at me all at once, one of them was being continuously sick for different reasons. Illnesses are no fun but when you’re needing to accomplish a bunch of stuff, the stress from it doubles which in itself probably does not aid a speedy recovery anyway. Rob was also quite sick for a time as well so at times it felt like I was doing a three-legged race with an unconscious person.

I’ve also just been continuously frustrated at the number of dead ends I’ve been running into lately in terms of self-progression. And because planning for the future has been taking up so much of my time, I’ve almost definitely put my studies on the back burner. I’m not sure how other fellow fifth and final year students feel, but uni is starting to feel very secondary and inconsequential to everything else I am trying to do right now. Not least because my career path at the moment seems to be going in every direction except a law related one. It’s been awhile since I’ve been in a study frame of mind but understandably so I think considering I spend more days at work than I do at uni and there is probably only one uni friend I see on a regular basis (Hi Gabriel). Despite all of this, this still seems to be one my best semesters in terms of assessments so far but I definitely need to kick my own ass into studying for finals.

There is definitely a bittersweetness about not feeling as much of a uni student anymore as there was a time when I’d see Peer Network friends every day or go to uni a little earlier and stay a little later just to see someone through to the end of their late lecture. Another big part of my uni life was having regular catch ups with high school friends or revue friends but even that seems to have dissipated as well. I’d really like to revisit these one day, I don’t really believe that I can no longer hang out with friends. But the goals I need to achieve at the moment and the pressure I am under necessitates that I tackle a lot of them alone. Sorry for the ramble and am especially sorry for the ambiguity. I also miss being a 14 year old high schooler who used to bitch and moan with no abandon about incompetent English teachers who must have surely bought their teaching degree (2 Belian-ers I hope you’re feeling me on this one).

Outfit – The last fashion dedicated blog post was in November! I kind of gave up doing them because it was always me selfie-ing in front of my bedroom mirror as I don’t have a photo shoot set up and contrary to popular belief, I’m alone a lot of the time and I guess, not ballsy enough to ask randoms to take my photo. The last time I did that, the crazy woman in Melbourne fake-tried to steal my phone as a lesson to “not just give anyone your phone”. Okay. I suppose this outfit is another ode to how much I love shopping in Malaysia and Asian stores in Sydney because they both have the cheapest shit ever. Which I then kind of make up in my accessories, whoops. Kindly PM me if you want to know which stores around Sydney are primping up their shop aesthetics but are literally selling you clothes you can get at Paddy’s at 50-80% mark ups.

Really old “Bagheera” Jungle Book jumper – Pull & Bear

Dress – Asian store in CBD

Marly BB bag – Louis Vuitton

Charly Heels – Nine West

 That’s my May for me. A few ups, quite a few dramatic downs. To anyone out there reading this who’s having a crummy day/week/month so far, I’m with you! And I’m going to share with you below, life’s secret to achieving laughter and happiness whenever you want. Brownie points if you make it to the end.

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  1. Nice post, I should do the same with an Instagram round up as I use it sooo much. Love your outfit in the last pic.

    1. Thank you! Sorry for the late response, I’ve been buried under an avalanche of exams and assignments. Instagram collages are an awesome way to tie blog content with Instagram I think. Let me know when you do one!

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