Green Louie

Awhile back, I threw enough tantrums for Robert to concede shooting me in this white dress that I was absolute in love with. Due to his deft photography skills, you will now be able to appreciate why I was raving over this dress and not just because it was an incredible find from yet another Asian store. It is so flowy and airy that it makes one feel like a fairy, or a jellyfish underwater. Thus also making it perfect for steamy Sydney summer where all you really want to do is take all your clothes off. A complete contrast to today, which kind of gives you an idea of how awhile back is “awhile back”. I daresay this is the true Emperor’s New Clothes, a dress that looks like something but feels like nothing.


After a brief brunch at Shenkin Erskineville (not to be confused with Shenkin Newtown, like we did) we began the slow meandering down King St stopping at any location Robert deemed worthy as a background.


The title of this post comes from the odd fact that most of these photos have a green motif, thanks to the lush foliage at a nearby park and the acrid green of the graffiti wall. This is combined with a slogan that was spray-painted across another brick wall in a photo that’s part of this set but isn’t here in this blog post (hint: check out Rob’s site linked below).



My one gripe about the world is the lack of make up for your knees. I am quite self-conscious about the battle scars from my childhood wars against various concrete pavements. I became a regular at my primary school’s infirmary not just for accumulating bruises on top of bruises, but for gory flesh wounds that opened up again after yet another fall at the playground. There was even a point in my little child brain where I resolved that I would never run again because running led to blood and pain. Conditioning, there’s your argument. Later in life, I slathered on a fair amount of BB cream on the scars on my leg prior to attending the Year 12 formal of a boys school. This didn’t really do anything, medium-to-light coverage this, that. Michelle Phan’s concealer might cover up permanent markers but can it cover my childhood trauma?


After two over years of dating I’d graduated from being a camera flunkie and was now able to direct and compose shots on his camera. Either that or the slogan on the wall just resonated with Rob that much that he had to have a photo. After close deliberation and post processing, it was revealed that a total of two of my photos had made the cut. I could’ve cried with joy.



Dress – Asian shop in Chinatown

Shoes – Prada

Watch – Daniel Wellington

Sunglasses – Chanel

You can see the full set of shots we took today and more of Robert’s photography on his blog.

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