Google, Chelsea Markets and Random Touristing

Photo Jun 29, 11 00 08 PM-1 Quick coffee and breakfast stop at Eataly before we make our way to the meatpacking district where the Chelsea Markets are. They say that American coffee tastes like dirt-coloured drain water. But the Italians that I have met in my life (Hello Gieki and Dre) really know what their doing with beans so we figure Eataly is the safer bet against Starbucks.

Photo Jul 01, 2 44 55 AM
What it’s like to be dining with me and my relationship with my mom captured in one photo.

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Chelsea Markets is a little bit pretty. I wish I got more photos of the interior but I think by that point we were all really hungry again (walked about 3 km already) and there were just too many eating places calling our names that we had to check out.

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Touted as an urban food court and shopping mall (although we actually didn’t venture to the stores), the building used to be a biscuit factory. Which is probably what gives it it’s edgy abandoned warehouse feel. The gorgeous High Line lies above it but we blasphemously give it a miss this trip against the recommendations of nearly everyone I know who went to New York.

21Photo Jun 30, 12 17 01 AM-6

Photo Jun 29, 11 56 49 PM-4
All the Asians make a beeline for seafood at The Lobster Place

Photo Jun 29, 11 51 52 PM-3

Photo Jun 30, 12 46 14 AM-8
Perfect oysters, not sure which ones we got though. Not pictured is the sashimi platter we got which weirdly enough wasn’t all that fresh besides the kingfish.

We got three lobsters to share between the six of us, plus all those oysters and the sashimi it was a really indulgent and filling lunch.

Photo Jun 30, 12 54 31 AM-9
Close up of lobster!

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Photo Jun 30, 1 22 52 AM-10
Doughnuttery for dessert. We got four different flavours, urban monkey, green tea buzz, paris time and PB&J. I mean they’re nice and all but it’s essentially the same really small donuts with flavoured sugar. I think I prefer regular sized doughnuts so that the fluffy to sugary ratio is more balanced.

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Photo Jun 30, 1 59 45 AM-13

Photo Jun 30, 12 11 45 AM-5

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Found these amazing truffle and caviar chips. Kyeli and mom were partial to the truffle (which was incredible) but I really liked the salty seafood-y taste of the caviar. We were tempted to buy a box back but thankfully we didn’t as we found out later that B.I.G. at Publika sells them too and for cheaper.

21Photo Jun 30, 2 06 53 AM-11
Went to visit Jarrah who works at Google next door. He gave us a tour of their impeccable office in exchange for two packs of Tim Tams flown from Sydney. Google has a no-photos policy unfortunately and I didn’t want to get Jarrah in trouble.


Photo Jun 30, 3 12 37 AM-12
Got some amazing shots on the rooftop despite the construction going on.

Went to outside the National September 11 Memorial and Museum. The queue just went round and round and round that we gave up any plans to go inside.

The waterfall/water feature has a really calming effect. Despite the tonnes of people, it didn’t feel crowded or busy for some reason.

Photo Aug 12, 1 55 27 PM
And then we walked to Wall Street as well! I’m fairly sure this was the day that we walked 18 km all up. Thank god for comfortable Air Max 90s. We spent a ridiculously long time looking for this bull because we kept making the wrong turn. It actually isn’t that hard to find, just look for the hordes and hordes of tourists all trying to take a photo with it. There was absolutely no queue or any order, just people jumping in and out the moment there was an opening where you could stick even a finger on the bull. Pretty evident in our photo since you can see all these people behind us taking their own photos.

It really isn’t fair to be writing these blog posts about New York when I am approximately 15,000 km away. I don’t generally form strong attachments to places (besides Japan) and I can usually tell myself in a mirror that any holiday by nature is a transient period in life.


I just really, really miss it.

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