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My friend Jason is a really good photographer. I like to tell him that as often as possible because he gets really shy about it. He in turn tells me he enjoys my writing which embarrasses me as well. Ironic it is then that this post which features a meal we shared together at Café Paci will have little to no words because it was so long ago that I no longer trust my memory to fully describe the flavours. Please enjoy the photos, I will be too as I revisit these with random exclamations of ‘Hey this was really good/tasty/delicious!’.

A tangy blood orange mocktail.

Soft rye taco with savoury rice pudding, egg-butter and chopped chives

Asparagus, oat cracker with oyster cream and black garlic, sour cream and trout tartlet.


Egg yolk, salted white chocolate emulsion, porcini powder.


Blue swimmer crab, carrot, tarragon


Can’t stop, won’t stop eating their molasses rye bread.


For the life of me I can’t remember what this dish was and after exhausting the Internet it seems no one else has had this and posted it up. I do remember Jason and I humorously calling the waitress out on ‘special Japanese seasoning’ which I’m sure is  the same as the furikake I have in a jar on my kitchen counter.




Carrot, yogurt, liquorice


Poached pear, custard, parsley sorbet and candied parsley


Brown butter fairy floss topped with popcorn


Eucalyptus gel filled chocolate, better than Blinky, the alternative to the pork and fennel dessert

While Paci is well and truly closed now but after such a stellar dinner, I’m waiting with bated breath to see what Pasi does next.

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