Miss Peaches, Newtown

Whenever “American” cuisine comes to mind, my stomach begins to prepare itself for an onslaught of the greasiest and fattiest food you can imagine. In fact, I have true respect for the burger bloggers out there and the group “Fatties Burger Appreciation Society” for doing most of the legwork as the abundance of reviews means I can usually have a hectic awesome cheat day and never risk wasting calories on a shit meal. Speaking of #FBAS, way back when, I drag Chris Burrell aka Burger Boss with me to check out the feeds at Miss Peaches.

Red Beans and Rice with Smoked Andouille Sausage ($19)

Food that doesn’t necessarily look pretty but tastes like home. I’m 99% sure I made a booboo here as there’s pork in Andouille sausage.

Mac ‘N’ Cheese ($8)

A good mac & cheese is my guilty pleasure. I adore the toasted breadcrumbs on top as it gives a little crunch in every bite to accompany the heavy cheese and carbs.

Crisp Pork Belly Burger ($16)

I didn’t have any of this (see upteenth reference about my aversion to pork) but here is an excerpt from the boss himself’s review on the group (hit up #FBASMissPeaches on Facebook)

The pork belly burger was surprisingly flavourful and not dry, which is what i was expecting. The fatty parts had enough substance to note the difference between the meat and the crackling but wasn’t too crispy, so it wasn’t like eating broken glass in a bun. The bun was a bit bland for my liking. After deus and burgers by josh in the last week, I’ve been spoiled for buns. All up its a good burger. With Jacks just across the road, they won’t pull burger junkies with it, but its a great option if you are there for drinks and swing dancing. Ps, no, I didn’t do swing dancing.


Fried Oyster and Smoked Duck Po’boy ($16)

God this was difficult to eat. I couldn’t chew through the filling and ended up basically leaving the entire bun on my plate. Thankfully I heart duck (haven’t had a duck burger since Moo Burger days) and oysters are always good. The fries are a surprising winner that comes as a side with both these burger/bread meal offerings. I can’t help but wolf them down despite already reaching explodey point.

Slow Cooked Okra and Tomato ($8)

I don’t usually eat okra because it tends to have really slimy innards but the sauce in this dish was quite addictive.


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Samanthawxlow and party dined as a guest of Miss Peaches.
These photos were originally posted on the AU review.

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